Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A better update

Sorry for being so short. My mind isn't working too great these days. I am sure it is related to the complete lack of sleep I have gotten since Sunday morning. I think I am up to about 4 1/2 hours since Sunday.

Arissa is awake and just finished a bowl of her noodles (chicken noodle soup but she eats it with a fork and only eats the noodles and chicken) and is sipping a Sprite. Her belly is pretty sore and she just asked for something for pain. She is mildly cranky (she admitted as much) but nothing too terrible and I think after being sick for almost a month she deserves to be cranky!

Arissa was so awesome through this whole ordeal. She didn't even blink last night when she got her second IV of the day and she laid perfectly still and listened for the CT scan. She had a long wait for her surgery today but barely complained. We passed the time with some visitors, different doctors and nurses doing their 'thing' to get her ready. Grandma and Grandpa came to be with her for her surgery and even played a game of 'Sorry' with her! Somehow, Grandma won although she couldn't remember the rules of the game! They came to get her and by the time we had to give kisses goodbye she was pretty much out of it. Actually, we KNOW she wasn't all there because she let Grandpa kiss her! In her 9 years that was only his 3rd kiss. She also let Steven kiss on her (he does all the time but she usually fights him off). The transport nurse was a girl I used to work with so she sat with us for several minutes and let me know they had her asleep and gave me better insight to where they were with her. It wasn't long before I got the first of several phone calls letting us know her progress. They certainly go above and beyond to keep the parents informed! Aunt Kathy was waiting for her when she got back to her room with a new LilKinz Frog (she named him Hunter..notice a trend?) and a balloon.

We hope to come home tomorrow but it will depend on how she does. She is out of school beginning Monday (her break is 3 weeks) so she will have plenty of time to heal without worrying about missing too much school. She is out of dance and cheerleading for about 3 weeks too.

Well, she is asking me to play "War" with her so I need to scoot. I'll post again if anything changes.

Thank you for all the sweet emails, texts, and prayers. We really do appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad she is doing okay! Little does she and her stomach know they had good timing. At least we are a few days away from a fall break. Please let me know if you need anything taken or picked up from school. Her teacher wants to come and see her when she is at home and up to visitors. Tell her I am thinking of her and missing her at school. Melissa

Amanda said...

Good Lord you need a break! You are in my thoughts tonight...I hope your little girl rests well and is back to bouncing around in no time!