Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caution! Surgery Photos at the end...

So after sitting at the football field for 2 extra hours (I am really over VFC football and their jacked up sense of time) and getting sunburned yesterday all I really wanted to do when I got home was shower and eat. My family wanted to meet Mr. Hunter. Not that I blame them one bit. So, I showered and ate in the car. We got there and Steven went right for the sink, washed up and took the baby right from Carol without a moments hesitation. He FINALLY gave the baby to me and proceeded to undress him so I could check out his parts. Steven let me hold and snuggle for a little bit but then took him back. Isaiah and Arissa were a bit timid about holding him. They both finally did and Isaiah even changed positions without problem (Isaiah also got him to poo, Ha!). So we aggravated him enough that he finally woke up and boy, was he hungry! We took that as our cue to exit.

We got back just in time for me to meet Sara in Mexico (El Cantarito's) for dinner. We had the most horrific service and my food was sent back. I had eaten chips and salsa so wasn't hungry anyways so I didn't let them bring me something else. Total dinner bill=$2.00! We left there and went to Starbucks for coffee and dessert. Sara bought me a coffee and a goody and we found a table outside where we stayed for the next 3 hours. Four hours spent with my Sara was good for my heart and soul and just what I needed after my week and frankly, my month. Sara and I have decided that since our husbands spend so much time together on the golf course we are entitled to at least one night a month to hang. The only interruption I had was a phone call from Isaiah who told me his wire came out. Not just loose or poking him but out as in HOLDING IT IN HIS HAND. He also lost a bracket. Sweet!!! I'll be phoning the orthodontist in the morning.

Arissa is recovering nicely. She did overdo it yesterday and had to take a pill when we got back from Carol's. Tonight she took a shower and washed her hair.

Tomorrow I see my neuro about my wretched Topamax experience and to see what we try next. I hope to hear early this week about the MRI on my knee. Tuesday the kids and Steven have eye appointments. It's always something with us!

Here are some pics of Arissa's incisions. If you don't like icky (they aren't that bad) then stop reading now:

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