Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Day at the Aquarium

Arissa, Alyssa and Alexis....say that 3 times fast!

This will shock any of you that really know me.....I went as a chaperon on a field trip today! Yup, mark it on your calendar cause it hasn't happened in about 8 years and if I have my way, won't happen again.

See, you all think I married Steven for his caring ways, good looks, etc. but the truth is...I don't do field trips and they don't bother him. There have been very few field trips that he has missed with Arissa (Isaiah is 'too cool' to have parents go). THIS, my friends, is why I really married him! Unfortunately, with Steven's hectic work schedule he wasn't able to attend this one but had already paid to go (aquarium admission, IMAX movie and lunch=too much money for one of us not to go). So, off I went....

It wasn't that bad. It wasn't the time of my life either.

But...Arissa was glad I was there and now she can't tell me that I never went on a field trip with her! (for the record....I did a field trip with Isaiah in Head Start and this was my first with Arissa. Steven has been around since Arissa started field trips).

My motherly duties have been fulfilled and I didn't even have to ride the bus all the way down to Chattanooga with 80 very loud, very excited 4th graders!


Kathy said...

My last field trip experience was at the Mayfield Dairy Farm when Kamry was in 2nd grade. Leave it to me to attend the one where food is involved...but I had to ride the bus...

Did you get a new camera yet or did your old one decide to work?


Anne said...


My camera is dead. I am using Isaiah's!