Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning Update

Arissa is AWESOME! No pain meds since 8 last night..eating really good...slept like a champ! She said her incisions are a little sore but that's about it. Oh, and her mood is better though she is a tiny bit snippy still. She walked a lap last night and then walked to the family kitchen with me for coffee (coffee for me, not her). The 'learning' surgeon came in already and we're waiting to see the main man then should be on our way. I have no idea the timing of that, though. Arissa is hoping it is at least after lunch because she picked out her lunch and dinner and wants to eat them! I told her she might get her lunch but I doubted we'd be here for the dinner tray.

Other news for today: I slept! I was asleep about 11 last night, Arissa woke me up at 4 to potty, then I was back to sleep until 6. Things on the surgical floor get hopping pretty early so sleeping in isn't much of an option. It wasn't the best sleep in the world but I've had worse. I think after my week though, any sleep is a plus. I am anxious to get home, showered and crash in my comfy bed.

Carol and Hunter are going home today, too! I talked to Carol earlier. She said Hunter was nice enough to sleep for 4 hours straight last night! He is still doing great and it sounds like Carol and Jerry are still floating on their cloud.

Hopefully my next update will be from home!
Again, thanks to you all for your prayers and notes!


The Burrow said...

Sorry it has taken me so long. I have been a little crazy myself but nothing compared to what you are doing. Please let Arissa know we are praying for a quick recovery and we love her. Kennedy is dying to call but I told her to wait a day or so. Just let me know when it's okay for her to do that. Please just holler if you need anything. Love you guys!

Naomi said...

Quit with the hospitals and surgeries already! I am glad to hear that Arissa is doing well and that the baby arrived safely!
Keep us updated!