Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yes, We are home....

I've just been too damn tired to even think about updating the blog. We got home Wednesday afternoon. I didn't sit down and headed right back out to do some serious grocery shopping. We had nothing in this house and I knew if I didn't do it then I wouldn't do it later. I managed going to Kroger, Kmart and Walgreens; putting all the groceries away; getting the fridge arranged so Arissa would have access to all of her food; arranged her flowers in a vase; fixed dinner and unpacked; BEFORE I fell asleep trying to eat my dinner. I think I was out by 7pm. Isaiah woke me up at 730 to take him to school and I came back home and crashed until 1030. I would have slept more but Steven woke me up. I headed into work with one eye open. I was there only a few hours and Todd was sending me back out the door. I let Steven sleep and took Isaiah to the orthodontist. Came home, slept until 530, then headed to cheerleading practice. Friday morning I had to go for an MRI of my left knee and could barely keep my eyes open through the very loud test. I came home from that, snuggled in the bed with my girl, and got some serious z's. I slept another 9 hours last night and woke up today feeling pretty good.

Arissa is doing wonderful. She has kept us busy playing lots of board games but otherwise hasn't been any trouble. She has a great attitude and hasn't been in much pain. She hasn't taken any medicine since Thursday night and then she only needed it because she was squatting in her floor, lost her balance, and stabbed herself in the belly button with a marker. Her belly button incision started bleeding and was hurting. We have talked about her NOT doing such balancing acts for a few weeks.

Isaiah has been awesome through this whole ordeal. He decided to stay home from the high school game last night cause he didn't want to leave his sister. He plays whatever game she wants, gets her drinks and snacks, helps me by running up and down the stairs so I don't have to. He's a really big help.

Melissa and Jayden came over last night to bring Arissa some cards from her classmates, a gift from her teacher and her make up work. Jayden had a great time playing with my Mater collection and playing 'girl' with Arissa's vanity. He knew where everything went...he applied 'nail polish', 'lipstick', 'dried' his hair, and planted a pink hat square on his head. Good thing Johnnie wasn't around! It was pretty funny though.

After I get finished at the football game, we are heading down to Harriman and Steven and the kids can meet Mr. Hunter. I have put Arissa off as long as I can so we'll head on down.

Here are a few pictures of Arissa pre and post op:

Smiling big and passing the time before surgery

After the drugs, just before they took her to the OR
Fresh out of surgery with her new friend (thanks, Aunt Kathy!)

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