Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basketball and Fiddles

Steven is once again playing men's league basketball at the rec center. Steven and 2 other guys are the only team members who AREN'T PHYSICISTS. Let's just say scientists can't ball. It's going to be a long season.

Let me set up the above photo for you: Jayden (Johnnie & Melissa's little guy) comes into the gym and immediately drops his pants...to reveal his 'basketball shorts'. Then pulls off his sweatshirt to reveal his 'basketball shirt'. He watches the game like a hawk always looking for that perfect chance to run out on the court. He watches the guys run to the other end and off he goes, running out just enough to be 'on the court' but not enough to get in trouble. He is always back in his spot in plenty of time, thanks to his 'fast shoes'. Notice in the above picture his stance. He stayed like that until Steven and Johnnie stood upright.

Here is Ms. Arissa at her very first fiddle concert(actually its a violin but he torture her). Her portion was a whopping 10 minutes. Considering they've only been playing since Septemberish they weren't too bad. Of course, that didn't stop Steven, Daddy, Mom and I from cracking oodles of jokes. The Ode to Joy was more like Ode to Death.

And here we have what I like to call 'a lesson learned'. The lesson being that if you don't cooperate with the photographer you will most certainly be exposed on the internets. My advice, Sara Baker? Smile next time. As for Todd, well he was the victim of trigger delay on my part (and is that my finger on the edge?). He was a good sport and tried to take a friendly photo with his wife.

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