Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GI Man Should Be Renamed Mr. Clueless

Though he's a swell guy and very sweet I'm about done with my current GI. Not sure if it's him or the process of constant hope/letdown but I'm so 'whatever' after today. I feel like I wasted energy, gas, parking fees, and a co-pay for him to weigh me and write me a script. I have lost 6 pounds since I saw him last. I have bones coming out in multiple directions. I have hair coming out by the hand full. I'm wearing a size I haven't seen since before puberty. But, you know, just try another pill and I'll see you in 4-6 weeks.

My face hurts. My scalp hurts. My teeth hurt. Most troubling? My left incision is red and puffy and there is a big ol' knot in front of it. And it hurts to move my face in any way that makes that part move. Am I making sense here? Rest assured that if it is infected and requires some wretched draining procedure that I'll be phoning my Daddy to come hold my hand (which actually means sit in the corner). Just like he did when I was 16 and I had my wisdom teeth taken out and got an infection. He had to check me out of school and drive me to the oral surgeons office (the SAME office I use now; different doctor though seeing as how my original oral surgeon died). I remember falling asleep on the way there. And I remember Daddy's reaction when he realized he was sitting under the 'sharps' container. But I also remember that I felt so much better after they did whatever it is they did. While I'm not hoping for an infection, I am hoping that whatever it is that they do makes me feel better. Cause if I haven't said it enough already....I'm kinda over this.

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Anonymous said...

Is it time to pack up and go to Mayo? Me thinks yes.
I love you. Mom