Monday, January 12, 2009

Ranger Ride and Rescue Rangers

So my kids have now experienced a dark, wet, cold night on Windrock Mtn. They've seen the sun rise while not being in the bed yet. They've peed in woods. And they've met the rescue squad people that come up mountains in the middle of the night to look for the lost.

They headed out with "Uncle Jerry" and their "cousins", Olivia and Chloe at 6am Saturday morning for a day of mountain mud fun in Jerry's Ranger. It was pouring rain but that didn't stop them. It was midnight (for several reasons that aren't important here) before I realized the time and that Carol hadn't called me to tell them they were home. I figured it was an oversight and figured I'd call Carol, wake her up, she'd tell me they'd been home for hours, I'd apologize and we'd move on. I called Carol, who was NOT asleep, because THEY WEREN'T HOME. So, city girl me, tried not to panic. But who am I kidding? I was freaked out. I was comforted by the facts that 1) they were with a group so I knew it wasn't just Jerry with 4 kids and 2) they were with Jerry, who is the McGyver of the 2000's. Seriously, the man could build a fire by rubbing toothpicks together. My brain knew they were more than likely safe and warm but my heart totally didn't get that message. After several phone calls I headed to Harriman to wait for news with Carol and Hunter. On my way down there I got word that the rescue squad was getting together a group to go look for them. Two hours later, they were located and about an hourish after that I had my babies back. They were, just as we thought, safe and warm the whole time and the delay was the result of everything going wrong and nothing going right. Rangers got stuck, broke down, ran out of gas and the icing on the cake was the large amounts of rain we've been getting (and got that day) washed out the roads for their descent.

Isaiah and Arissa seemed confused as to why I was there (and hugging their stinky necks so tight) and were a bit bummed to find out that I was taking them home and they weren't spending the night another night (mind you, it was 5am and they spent their night in the woods but they couldn't seem to grasp that concept). I wheeled them through Hardee's, made them undress on the front porch, and take showers. They were snoring by 7am.

Needless to say, Arissa had a major journal entry at school today and Isaiah was begging people to ask him about his weekend.

For the record...I think they are already looking forward to their next trip.

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