Thursday, January 1, 2009

Surgery 10; Update 1

Yesterday wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be.
Today is worse.
There isn't a part of me that doesn't hurt for one reason or another and I'm not keeping food down....always a nice touch to post op recovery.

Word is the surgery went well although they had a hard time on my right side because the anatomy was so distorted. Not sure what that means but I do know they had to use another tool to be able to do what they needed to do. My ears are still numb but they hurt. Makes no sense. Both ears are full of stitches and blood. I won't be posting's pretty nasty. Daddy was pretty impressed with the stitches. I don't know how many I have but it feels like a ton. I came home with a pressure dressing that made me look like a person that rides the short bus and brought great laughter to Steven.

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