Friday, January 2, 2009

Surgery 10; Update 2

Steven suggested I try a baked potato yesterday evening which stayed down...barely.. so that's progress.
I dreamt about blueberry muffins. Not sure what that was all about so I have some baking now. Steven is at the gym. He offered to make them for me before he left but I declined. Then changed my mind once he was gone.

The other aches and pains seemed to have decreased quite a bit so now its just my face. Which hurts worse today than it has before but I'm not as miserable as I was before. I have no idea what those people did to me while I was knocked out but it feels like they bended and shaped me in ways I am not supposed to go.

Today I'm going to take a bath and change my jommies. I want to wash my hair but it scares me so I'll probably wait.

Yesterday, the lady across the street fed Isaiah and Arissa lunch. HOG JAW, BLACK EYED PEAS AND CORNBREAD. GAG!! They loved the hog jaw. Are we sure these are MY kids?

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