Friday, February 13, 2009

Snot and Muffins

Monday started with Isaiah suffering from what started out to be a horrible head cold. By Tuesday he was asking to be picked up from school and Wednesday found us at Cliff's office then at Cheyenne for sinus xrays. On top of that he had an 8 out of 10 migraine that we couldn't get rid of. The xrays showed he has a sinus infection so antibiotics were prescribed. The crappy thing about sinus infections is there is not quick relief. It takes several days for the meds to do their thing, therefore delaying the feeling better reaction. Wednesday night was particularly rough for him. His head hurt so bad he couldn't get comfortable, he couldn't stop coughing, he was vomiting and running a fever. In the back of my mind I saw us at the ER getting some relief. He ended up piling up on my lap (which used to not be a big deal but now he's almost 13 and weighs only slightly less than I do) and finally fell asleep. He woke up Thursday with the headache mostly gone and spent the day trying to eat everything in the house. Which didn't serve him well, to put it mildly. He is back at school today and hopefully he'll make it through okay.

This morning Arissa's school hosted "Muffins for Moms". The children were able to bring their Moms to school with them for cereal, muffins, juice and coffee. It was very nice and Arissa was so glad I went.

We exchanged Valentines last night. Isaiah and Arissa will be at their Granny's this weekend and I won't see them until Sunday so we went ahead and did it last night. I've never done traditional Valentine gifts for them. Traditional gifts aren't something that they will continue to use throughout the year and just seems wasteful to me. Years past have brought movies, clothes, jammies, things like that. This year I was at a loss what to get them. They ended up with new shirts from Aeropostle, beanie babies, Reese hearts and cards. Steven and I aren't exchanging Valentines this year. We are going to a marriage retreat and the Boys and Girls Club Gala so that was our Valentines to each other. Of course, to me that does not mean he doesn't get a card and candy. Apparently, I broke the rules. That did not stop him from eating several pieces of his candy.

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