Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll take it where I can get it

I saw the awesome Dr Vick last week. It was time for my yearly check up and I was so pleased to realize that while I have been in and out of every other doctors office in the past year, his was not one of them. I scored big hugs as well as a wagging finger regarding my weight. I take that as a fair trade off. I got a phone call today regarding my results of his tests and everything is a-okay. Nothing scary lurking in the shadows. Mind you, I have no parts for Dr Vick to do much of anything with but still I'll take it as a health victory. These days, they are few and far between so I'll take it.

Isaiah is back from his Houston trip and isn't the same boy that boarded that bus at 4am to leave. He is even sweeter than he was before and I've gotten more hugs and love than I have in a really long time. He prepared food for the homeless, helped underprivileged kids at a sports camp, and cleaned up an old run down church. He had a blast doing all of it. I have seen him spending quiet time in his room reading his Bible. Him and Arissa got into a spat and he responded biblically, even though she kept spouting hurtful words at him.

Certainly not the Isaiah that left for Houston.

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Yvette Reeder said...

Wow great news on Doctor and aren't kids great! You blink and they grow up on you!