Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to the O.R.

I saw my oral surgeon Friday. His words: "oh shit". Which were the exact same as mine. My bones have completely regrown. He said had he not done the surgery himself, he would think it had never been done to begin with. He has NEVER seen bones regrow like mine have. We are both utterly stunned and shocked.

Sadly, the only remedy for my locking (and to prevent completely destroying my jaw) is to go back to surgery and remove the bone again. This time he will take a much larger piece in hopes that it takes longer than 8 months to regrow. He is also only going to do the right side this time since my left isn't giving me any trouble. I don't have my surgery date yet. I am hoping it is soon. We've had some changes around here, and while I'm not ready to openly discuss is the time for me to have this done.

I am asking, in advance, for prayers. This surgery is very difficult and painful. The last one isn't that far back in my memory so I know exactly what I'm getting in to. And I'm actually nervous (if not a tad scared). Which for me being this is surgery #13? Is really saying something.

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