Monday, August 2, 2010

The Power of the Google

I apologize for the random pimping of sunscreen on the prior post. It was in my "contract". And Lord knows I have enough issues as it is and really don't need the product review police coming after me.

Now to our regularly scheduled programming:

Arissa has VERY high hopes for her college education/career and upon Googling tuition rates/dorm fees/books/etc. Steven and I strongly encouraged Arissa to work her brain super hard the next 6 years. Or else she will find herself at UT. In the same dorm she was in for cheer camp. College education plus medical school at the University of Miami? Right at half a million bucks. And that is figured at today's rates. OY! She smartly asked if Uncle Sam would pay for college.

Steven and I are trying to do a last minute weekend getaway. And it might as well be the vacation of the century for the time we are having deciding where to go. Which leads me to ask... How did people in the olden days plan vacations? Book hotels? Get ideas where to go? I can't imagine going anywhere without the power of the Google.

In an effort to give me some relief as well as put some badly needed pounds on me (my smallest jeans, size 2, fall off. And my smallest dress, XS, doesn't stay up. Really, please don't tell me about how horrible it must be to have such problems. I am no better off than a 300 pound person in my opinion) my lovely GI has given me a new medicine to try. That isn't FDA approved and I had to have made special at a compounding pharmacy. The point is to speed up my insanely slow gut so that I can eat more. Side effect? Diarrhea. Please Google, explain to me just exactly how that is going to put weight on me?

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