Monday, January 30, 2012

Freeman Four Family Workouts

After posting last week that I would be starting back to the gym the next day I realized...crap..the schedule won't allow it tonight. Or this night. Or the next night. Then I was sick. Then I was still sick. So last night, 8pm, I carried my hiney down to the gym and treadmilled. Me and the treadmill for a solid hour. Okay...sortof of solid. That big giant STOP button on the edge kept getting hit. Then Arissa couldn't find the toilets in the locker room so I had to give her a guided tour. Then Isaiah about derailed so I had to stop and laugh at him. Anyways it was 60 actual minutes of walking at a fair pace. Then I did 3 or 4 sets of decline sit ups with the medicine ball. I like those. I get to throw a ball a Steven. And it makes my abs hurt. Hurt (should) equal flat. A girl can dream right?

I have to figure out a better schedule though. It was 10:40 before I got Arissa's hair done. Which is over an hour past her bed time. I'm ready for basketball season to be over. Then I'll have 3 free weekday nights to go to the gym.

I will admit...I felt good afterwards. I just wish the results were instant. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. I suck at patience.

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