Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arissa's Day to Shine and Misc. Ramblings

Arissa, before the service began

Arissa, at Applebee's for her celebration lunch

Arissa received her Sacrament of First Reconciliation yesterday morning. She was very excited and seemed very pleased after she spoke with Father. She asked Steven and I to join her in a private prayer and her words brought both her and I to tears. It was wonderful to see how God is already working in her life. She is truely a special girl and I am so grateful to be her mother.

During lunch I noticed she was a bit off. She said she was just tired but I suspected something else was up. Later in the day she complained of a headache and stomachache. She tried to take a nap and asked to skip basketball practice....I knew then that something was wrong. I found a walk-in clinic that was still open and off we went. Two hours later we got the diagnosis....strep throat and an ear infection. No basketball game today and she can go to school tomorrow.

This morning Isaiah woke up feeling puny. I told him to get dressed and off we went to the same clinic. Another 2 hours later and the diagnosis.....exactly the same as Arissa. Even their same ear is infected.

I know my kids and I knew they were sick, even though they weren't running fevers (although by the time we were seen Isaiah was running a temp). I am glad I trusted my instincts. Isaiah is out of school tomorrow but can return Tuesday. Amazing how quick kids can turn from great to sick as a dog. Just last night Isaiah and I were goofing around at Wal-Mart and he bought his sister a jump rope and an arrangement of pink roses. Today he is really dragging. He is CRUSHED that he had to miss the Free Throw Competition that Grandpa was supposed to take him to. You have to be 10 to compete and this was his first year to do it. Joseph and Joshua have been going for a few years and Isaiah always had to sit out. I told him there was always next year but that didn't seem to improve his mood.

My visit with the headache dr went well on Tuesday. She started me on Lexapro to raise my level of saratonin (added benefit it should help with my mood swings and anxiety) and also gave me a triptan to take when the migraines begin. I go back the end of February. She was very nice and very understanding. If I were rich I would go with the more permanent solution--Botox. I would get injections 3-4 times a year and the headaches should stop. It's quite the investment and its questionable if insurance would pay for it or not. Steven just might have to sell a kidney to foot the bill for my Botox. I presented this option to him and I got nothing back as a response.....I took that as a No. What's the big deal?? Don't you have more that 1 kidney? So far I've had to take the triptan twice and both times it was worked. It takes a few hours but in the end my head stops hurting. The Lexapro is killing my stomach. I either have no appetite or am nauseus. I can count on one hand how many times I have eaten since Wednesday. They say it subsides in a few weeks so I am going to stick it out. At the rate I am going I'll be a waif in no time (some people might like that look--I do not). We'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks if I'll continue to take it. Steven is riding my butt about eating but if it keeps my head from hurting.....we'll I don't know. Let's just say we'll wait and see.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Growl Power!

Seeing the CHEETAH PARKING sign

Rockin out with some friends from cheerleading

What Arissa looked like most of the night


2 Tickets to Cheetah Girls Concert............................................$100
Parking/Glow Stick/T-Shirt.......................................................$40
Watching your baby have the time of her life...........................PRICELESS

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've Been Duped!

Here I thought the sofa was my birthday present. In hindsight, the couch is a family item and therefore shouldn't be tagged as a birthday gift. Lucky for me, Steven felt the same way and showed up at my office yesterday with the above and also the boombox so I can listen in my office too. What a swell guy I married! Of course, my afternoon was shot since I disregarded my work duties and instead concentrated my efforts on getting the new toy set up. I am super happy with it. I don't know where all the ''good" stations are located so I have to get my presets programmed (blanket apologies to Knoxvillians/Oak Ridgers: If a silver Camry swerved in your lane, took too long at the stop sign, didn't use a turn signal, etc. please forgive me--I was channel surfing). I was so engrossed in my toy that I completely forgot to take Kamry to pick up clothes for today until I was in my driveway--hey, at least I didn't forget HER!
Steven had a game last night. They played a team that was younger and well, I am pretty sure they go tractor tippin' to get their kicks. They lost by like 2 points and he is sporting a very swollen eye that is probably black this morning. He didn't even draw the foul call-what an injustice.
Later today I go to the headache lady; then to get the kids and race to the Boys Club for Isaiah's 5:30 game; dart out of there and head with Arissa to the CHEETAH GIRLS CONCERT. I wasn't home until after 11 last night and after midnight the night before. I am beat. I need a vacation day. Somehow, I don't see that happening.

Monday, January 22, 2007

She Shoots; She SCORES!!!!!

And where is her mother?? Yep, parked on the new couch sick as a dog with another headache. Arissa came in so excited (they lost, by the way, but who really cares?) and told me she made her very first bucket and it was all I could muster to not cry in front of her. I was so proud of her and so mad at myself. I need help, and I need it sooner rather than later.

Arissa quote, "Only 1 day until CHEETAH GIRLS!"
Anne quote, "Gee, I can hardly wait" (no enthusiasm is implied here)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Birthday Present

Oh yeah--what every woman dreams of receiving for her birthday.....A NEW SOFA! Actually, I am pretty thrilled. See, Steven was in charge of buying the furniture when we bought our house (the wedding had all of my attention) and he did a great job, with the exception of his sofa set decision. The set he picked out is the equivalent to a fabric disguised torture chamber. We have hated them almost since they were set in the house and we finally bit the proverbial bullet and made the purchase last night. Daddy is bringing it to us tomorrow and we are super excited. Now, if we can just get these kids to RESPECT it........

Friday, January 19, 2007

Head Update

So Dr. Nose has totally ran up to the top of my list of favorite people. He is hereby forgiven for all of his torture. Apparently, he stayed late last night to get all my info over to the headache dr who reviewed them this morning and thinks she can help me. So, I have an appointment on Tuesday. I am very optimistic about the dr. She is a mom, wife, career lady who also suffers from headaches so I look for her to empathize with my plight. People who don't have these issues just don't get it; which only makes me feel worse. Almost like they think I am lying. I hate that feeling. Half of my prayer was answered, she accepted my case. Now let's hope she is able to help me!

Why Oh Why Does My Head Continue to Hurt???

So--I had EXTENSIVE sinus surgery at the end of the summer to provide relief from my life long struggle with sinus problems/headaches. I thought it went head stopped hurting and I could actually breath through my nose (taken for granted by most but something I had been able to do for a very long time). That lasted 3 short months. I was diagnosed with another sinus infection the end of November then another one earlier this month (see previous post "Today I am the Bug") with debilitating headaches occurring more and more frequently. I said enough is enough and scheduled an appointment with my ENT (who, I might add, isn't on my list of top 5 people I like only b/c he wields torture devices and gets great pleasure out of putting them up my nose). He ordered a CT and we had the results back immediately. Wouldn't you know it, my sinuses are FINE! "Perfect" was his word. I mean, the opening he made is so ginormous I am confident I could shoot a marble through it! As he is telling me this I feel tears coming to my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I don't want something to be wrong but I do want a REASON. He is at a loss and has recommended me to a neurologist that specializes in headaches. Apparently, she has to accept me as her patient so I am in a holding pattern. Thank the Lord I hung on to all my pain meds after my 4 surgeries so I won't die before I get some help. In summary---THIS SUCKS!!

Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Husband At Home When You Go To The Doctor:

1.) Complaining about the magazine selection in the waiting room. Although, I was able to entertain him for 5 seconds as I gave him one of the quizzes in the Highlights magazine. He then announced he was getting "A Big Boy Book" only to return with Southern Living. WHOA--that's a real manly mag!

2.) After being taken back to the room, seeking out a nurse to give him a phone book so he can call the golf shop about some clubs he wants to buy. I am sure his hall-lingering violated several HIPPA laws.

3.) Getting sleepy from reading Southern Living and again seeking out a nurse to ask for a cup of coffee.....AND SUCCEEDING! Who the hell goes to the doctor and asks for coffee??? Steven, that's who.

4.) He doesn't hold your hand like your sister does when Dr Nose goes exploring. I was left to deal with the pain all by myself. BONUS POINTS: He didn't pass out which I will give him credit for.

4.) While you are wanting to crawl inside of yourself and hide in embarrassment, the nurses are getting a big kick out of him because he has this incredibly charming thing about him. If that had been me, I would have been considered a demanding snot.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Week in Our Pod

Great news on the issue with the house. What could have been an extremely frustrating and possibly expensive problem has been diagnosed as old damage and easily repaired. Our roofer (why do we even have a roofer you September the top 20-30 feet of a dead 70 foot tree decided it didn't like the wind and rain and instead preferred to crash on our roof) checked out the space as well as our bug man and they both said it was damaged caused from carpenter ants that are no longer there. Nice roofer man is going to replace the wood and paint it to match at no cost. Seems like the house gods were smiling upon us.

Of course, aside from the headache this could have caused, this reinstates the "Great Debate": Which birthday gift does Anne want the most? I am still seriously checking out satellite radio but am so dang confused as to how that thingy works that I need to make a personal appearance at Best Buy and have someone break it down for me. I get that it is a satellite, what I don't get is how it goes in my car without looking stupid or taking out my factory system. Heck, I just got a blog what makes you think I am savvy enough to figure out something as complex as satellite radio??

Our peas have had a successful week thusfar. Steven started out the week with a basketball game in which his team lost but he had a great game; it would have been better if the rest of his team had a great game too. Tuesday, Isaiah had his best game yet scoring 10 points, getting several rebounds, and being aggressive. The last of which resulted in being fouled out with 1:47 to go in the game. Always the big boy, he came off the court in tears. I can't decide if the tears were a result of having to leave the game or the elbow to the head he got right before fouling out. His team is 3-0 with this weeks game score being something like 43-17. Arissa has been working dilegently on her 'r' sound. She has driven us nuts with an exercise that resembles an opera singer warming up. The problem being that Arissa is tone-deaf therefore the sounds coming out are less than desirable. Hopefully the anguish she is putting all of through will end with result we are looking for---the ability to correctly pronouce her own name (aRissa instead of aWissa). Me, well, I'm just me.

Thanks for checking in on us!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Biddy Ball Victory

I feel our first victory coming

Gimme the ball

Please, pass the ball

Pretty please?

Purple Peeps: 17

Other team: 8

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Today, I am the bug

After a great day yesterday, I woke up to yet another headache. I took Isaiah to basketball and headed off to Kroger to get some grocery shopping done. As I am pulling into the parking lot I realize that my original plan of ignoring my head was failing miserably. I bite the bullet and decide to get my scripts filled. Man, I hate the beginning of the year and when the pharmacy man told me my total I remembered why......Yep, insurance deductibles started over and I was smacked with a $70 charge. As I looked back at my overflowing buggy I thought for just a minute that maybe we didn't really need 2 kinds of beer and 5 different kinds of juices afterall. I decided I best keep the beer as Steven may just find it necessary after enduring another weekend of coaching Arissa's basketball team and listening to his wonderful, beautiful, rockin' wife waiver between her choice of birthday gifts (hey, it's not MY fault I am faced with having to choose between satellite radio, a new cell phone or a facial....I mean aren't I worth receiving ALL of them??).

When we got home, Daddy was over installing THE BEAST; the "must-have" Christmas present that Steven whined about. Supposedly it was going to let us get all kinds of HD channels. Yeah, it is so super dang cool that it is in the box, in our garage, awaiting its return to Radio Shack. While Daddy was un-doing and re-doing everything he had done he noticed that a piece of the facia on our house was gone. Further investigation revealed dry-rotted wood; evidence of some insect activity (termites, worms, beetles...who knows); and a declaration that "you need to get someone out here very soon to get this taken care of". Those words can easily be translated into....forget the satellite radio, the cell phone AND the facial, thank God you kept the beer, and kids I suggest you make that juice last. I wonder how quick I'll get my refund on THE BEAST?

What I Have Started???

Okay, in an effort to become more "hip" and maybe make someone laugh at my expense, I have decided to fall head first into the wonderful world of the blog. Bear with me as I figure this gizzmo out and if you have any suggestions please feel free to share. Criticisms will be deleted immediately :)