Thursday, March 29, 2007

Holy Cow What a Week!

Well, since Fridays post things went a big way. Arissa began vomiting about 1pm Saturday and was unable to keep anything down. After trying some of the things the on-call ENT suggested with no relief we headed to Children's ER. We walked into the VERY crowded ER expecting to have to wait forever, not to mention she was covered in vomit. Apparently, being post-op with vomiting earns you a ticket to by-pass normal channels and we were quickly taken back to a room with a doctor right behind us. Arissa was dehydrated and refusing anything by mouth. They got an IV started and we waited to see what would happen. She didn't vomit anymore but she wasn't peeing and still refusing anything by mouth. About midnight they decided to admit her for the night to observe and we were in a room about 1 or 1:30am. She slept so good that she forgot to breath so respiratory therapy had to come in and hook her up to a monitor. I didn't sleep a wink, and while Steven claims he didn't sleep either, he snored like he was at home and slept right through the deal with the breathing. We thought for sure we would get to come home Sunday but she was not any better. By Sunday afternoon she was perking up and eating some soup...things were looking great for Monday to come home. That lasted all of about an hour before she vomited again. She slept until after 3pm Monday then woke up and started eating again about 5. The doc came back about 6:30 and said he thought we could go on home. We decided to stay the night since she had done the same thing the night before. We didn't want to get her home just to have her back-slide again. They released us Tuesday morning and we were home about noon. She was still very lethargic until Wednesday, early Thursday but spent Friday and Saturday playing outside. I think today the weekend caught up with her, she was very cranky and slept every time I got her in the car. I expect a full day of school to completely wipe her out. She went to the ENT Friday and he said everything is healing just fine. She has to go to her pediatrician Wednesday for a follow up from the hospital stay and to have the heart murmur that was found in the hospital evaluated.

Passing the time Sunday with her colors.
You can see the Philly Chicken Grandma and Grandpa
brought her. You can also see the IV taped to her left arm.

Wiped out after a day of coloring, movies and LOTS of
visitors. Cuddling with her newest fur
friends that the Duncan family brought her.

I was beyond tired when we finally got home Tuesday. Since Saturday morning when I woke up at 7 I had slept about 10 hours. I had to go back to work Wednesday and by 5pm I was in my office, in tears. I was so tired and so overwhelmed. I made an executive decision and came home. I slept good the rest of the week but apparently my body felt I needed way more. I slept all day yesterday. Literally until 5pm. My sisters called to invite me for a shopping trip about 11am. I agreed but less than 10 minutes later I was calling them back and bowing out, crawling back in the bed as I was on the phone with them. Obviously, that is what I needed b/c I woke today refreshed and ready to face the world.

Lets hope that this week is MUCH calmer than last!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Arissa's Surgery

Overall you could say things went pretty well. There were a few bumps in the process beginning last night when I didn't leave work until 5pm which put us behind schedule. I rushed home, got Arissa's hair down, dropped her off at Kathy's to get her hair done then off to Wal-Mart to stock up on throat friendly foods. A full buggy and $125 later I rushed home, unloaded the groceries, got Steven and Isaiah, picked up Arissa and we went to IHOP. Arissa asked to go there as her "last meal". We didn't get home until almost 10pm. My plan was for her to sleep as late as she wanted so she wouldn't get hungry and whiney. Well, she was up at 8am and asking for breakfast. Steven took her to play golf. She got to drive the cart and they made it home in enough time to take a bath and we headed to the surgery center. From there, things went pretty quick. We only waited about 10 minutes for them to come get her. Since she is a child they let Steven and I go with her and stay with her until she went to the OR. When they took her back was the only time she cried and I teared up too. We walked out to the waiting room and was greeted by our great friend, Wayne Smith. He wanted to pray with Arissa before she went back to surgery but they didn't let us know he was there in enough time. So instead he prayed with Steven and I in the waiting room. I thought he would leave after that, but he stayed with us until the doctor came out and talked to us and let us know that she was okay. They said it would be a few minutes and we could go back with her. We got back to her and she was sleeping soundly. That lasted about 7 minutes before she woke up in pain, confused and mad. She began flailing around and crying. She pulled off her leads and about pulled her IV out. She looked at me and had no idea who I was. Then she vomitted. In mere minutes we had 4 nurses in our room, equipment everywhere, a mom who was scared to death and a daddy in the corner covering his eyes. They got some medicine in her and she fell back to sleep. About another hour passed and she woke up a different child. She drank and had 2 popcicles before we left. She is snuggled in daddy's spot on the bed watching TV with Isaiah.

Of course, I have pictures to share:

Passing time in the playroom at the surgery center

Getting some love from Daddy

Talking with the "make you sleepy lady"

After surgery, Steven stealing some sugar

After the 'come-apart' and the hour of extra sleep

Getting ready to head home

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aunt Carol is FINALLY a MOMMY!!

It is with great happiness that I introduce you to Ms. Maddi Stratman:

Maddi's first bath (hey, my nails look really good!)

Please visit Aunt Kathy's blog for explanation of events:

Here are some additional pics of Mommy Carol and Ms. Maddi's first meeting:
Carol's reaction as she opened the door and saw Maddi on
her porch with the sign that asked "Will You Be My Mommy?"

She was shaking and couldn't talk to she gave the phone to
Arissa to explain the events that were taking place to her
friend, Yvette.

Tears of joy...Carol is a mommy....and she didn't have to
go through labor to become one. Added bonus--this baby
sleeps in the garage and DHS won't be called!

Carol finally gets it together and calms down a bit.
**Check out the t-shirt. That was my doing. I saw it and
couldn't leave it at the store. Steven won't let me dress up T-Bone.
Of course, T-Bone is a boy dog who is a spazz and would rip it
to shreds. I did highlight T-Bone's fur. But that was an ACCIDENT!**

Congratulations to both Aunt Carol and Maddi Anne (don't know if the Anne part is for real but that is what I am calling her).

Monday, March 5, 2007

Sprichst du Deutsches?

Isaiah with his project board

Closer view of my handiwork, oh I mean HIS handiwork

Arissa's reaction to the German Biscuits we made

Isaiah before he actually tasted the biscuits

Lets just say that I may be German but my palate is 100% American. Isaiah and I made German biscuits for his project tomorrow. I now wonder why on Earth we thought they may be halfway decent when the ingredients were flour, egg whites, butter, parsley and salt. The recipe called for 3 eggs....a dozen eggs later and we actually had the mixture in the oven. Great thing about these Germans....their cook time states "until golden brown". Um, HELLO, I do not have a golden brown button on my oven. So we spent the next 20 minutes setting the timer for 5 minute at a time. It ended up looking like cornbread with parsley flakes in it. Tasted NOTHING like cornbread.....more like spongy pancakes with no flavor.

This dish made the DON'T MAKE AGAIN LIST.....suits me just fine! Next time, the kid better pick a country with food I actually know how to make....French Fries anyone??

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Misc Pics

Pictures from Arissa's basketball party:

Pictures from Isaiah's game this past Tuesday:

Headaches, Co-Pays, Basketball and More Co-Pays

Another thrilling week here in Our Pod....I guess the smart thing to do here would be to back you up to Saturday after I posted....

Still feeling yucky but figured it was all the drugs I took earlier in the day. WRONG WRONG WRONG....woke up Sunday morning with the headache back in full force. So I took the medicine like I was told to do and headed to church. The service was barely started and there was no way I could stick it out for the next hour. Carol said I was pale and clammy. To make matters worse, it was a day where Father used incense. That pretty well sent me over the top. We made a quiet and hasty exit. I decided enough was enough and asked Carol to take me to the ER. She called Mom and Steven. Mom met us there to get the kids and Steven made it there in less than 10 minutes and was by my side. I laid in a dark room for 2 hours with no one even checking on me. I decided I could lay in the dark for free at home and told Steven I wanted to leave. So we left without me being seen or treated. The mistreatment I received has been addressed with hospital administration but it still makes me mad! It takes a lot to send me to the ER so the fact that I was ignored didn't sit well with me. Any who..Called my doc Monday morning and she got me in Tuesday. She added another med and ordered an MRI. I went for that yesterday. They let me leave so I take it that means I don't have a brain tumor, which is a good thing.

Isaiah had his last regular season game on Tuesday. Aunt Carol's best friend (and a terrific friend to the whole family) and her husband and son came. Isaiah thinks the world of Bill and was very excited to see him in the crowd (although, in an effort to remain "cool" didn't let it show). Afterwards Mom and Daddy, Carol, Kathy and her kids, Yvette, Bill, Adam, Me and Steven and our 2 all went to Mr Gatti's for dinner. We had a really good time. It was definitely something we should do again!

Arissa finished her meds for strep on Monday. Tuesday night I noticed she wasn't herself. Wednesday morning Steven took her to the doc........any guesses? Anyone? Anyone? Yep, STREP THROAT!! This infection won her a very painful penicillin shot and a referral to an ENT to have the tonsils removed. We go March 13 to see what we do next. Arissaism: Isaiah got home from school Wed and asked Arissa what the doc said...her reply "I have stwep again and Dr James said my LUNGS have to come out!" Isaiah was quick to point out to her that one can not live without their lungs. We have her straightened out and she now knows that it is her tonsils. She can't wait until we go to the ENT so she can ask if she can keep them in a jar (thanks to Grandpa for telling her that is what he did!).

We'll I am off to help Isaiah prepare a presentation on Germany. It is very hard to find a recipe that is German that sounds appetizing to a 10 year old...Why couldn't he have picked France or somewhere else where they have yummy food? Heck, China would have been great...I actually know how to make rice!