Thursday, July 31, 2008


We got home yesterday about 3pm. We both crashed. He is much better even today than yesterday. I'll post more later but didn't want to leave anyone wondering (since I've already gotten 1 phone call today from a reader...sorry Wayne!).

I am at work with one eye closed; the other eye will get it's turn in a little bit. Hopefully I'll be able to keep them both open on the drive home.

Isaiah is better but it will take his Momma several days to catch up on her lost sleep....

Small price to pay for a boy who feels better (and who has his own REAL stethescope now)....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Is It With My Family, Summer And


Isaiah has been down with a migraine since Sunday. I called his neuro last night for advice, we came up with a plan to get him through the night and planned to re-group at his office this morning. He used the dirty word 'admit' so I packed me an overnight bag and my laptop just CERTAIN that would mean we'd get to come on home. As you can see from the photo above, my plan didn't quite work out. Our appointment was at 11am; we got back to see the doctor about noon; the decision was made by 12:10; we had to kill 50 minutes for the doctor to finish seeing patients and attend a meeting. We were over at admitting by 1:15 and in our room at 1:30...a much faster process than going thru the ER.

The IV went in with very few tears and that was only after the nurse and I both told him several times it was okay to cry. Once the fluids got in him he started to perk up and we've had a vomit free day...a first since Sunday. His head is still hurting though nowhere near the level it was (now a '4' instead of a '7' on a scale of 1-10). His major complaint now...he can't get comfortable without making the IV pump beep and if it isn't that than he has to pee. Under doctor's orders he isn't allowed to walk unassisted (not to mention he has to drag the IV pole) which means every time HE has to pee; I have to get up. He typically has to go about the time I finally get comfortable. He is starting to fall asleep now so hopefully we'll have a few hours of rest...we have until 1am then vitals are checked then 7am for vitals and labs.

Isaiah has been very kind and very thankful for my help. He doesn't 'get' that it's my job, it's what I signed up for when I had him; that while it's boring and the smell of this place is driving me nuts...there is no place else I'd be tonight. Wild horse couldn't keep me from him. It's called being a Mom. case your wondering...he has a private room and Children's has free Wi-Fi...nuff said!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Am....Arissa

Arissa started school back on July 15th. Here is a picture of her and her best pal, Allison, before we headed out the door into uncharted territory of the big, bad, scary new school....

Arissa was scared to death, to say the least. She held my hand tightly as we walked up the sidewalk. On the way to school I gave her the typical pep talk, told her to smile her best smile, throw her shoulders back, keep her chin up, and be herself and she would be just fine. She said she thought she might wait until day 2 to try that. I told her that day 1 was the day! After waiting to be released to go her classroom (and getting LOST on our way) she got to meet her teacher and the rest was smooth sailing. By the end of the day her teacher had recommended her for safety patrol and the school news broadcast. Needless to say...she is happy with her new school.
Day two...she rode the bus to school...Here she is waiting for it to arrive:

I was thinking that I was going to get out of ferrying chilrin's to school every morning with Arissa changing schools into one that had a bus wheeling by the house every morning. Um, not so much. Not until after Christmas when her commitment to safety patrol is over. The bus doesn't get her there early enough so I take her. Small price to pay for the child to get to WEAR A SASH AND MONITOR THE DOOR! Luckily, they have her monitoring doors and not escorting kids since she gets lost on a daily basis. It's not uncommon for another teacher to find her, roaming the halls and point her in the right direction or call her teacher to let her know they have her.
Of course starting school means school projects. First up...ALL ABOUT ME. Arissa had to write a letter introducing herself and make a poster. Here is the finished poster.

Yeah, the poster pretty much KICKS ASS and will probably forever hang in her room. We got some help from our friend, Naomi, but for the most part Arissa had complete creative control.
She has started cheerleading practice and the first game is August 2nd. Once again, I will express my dismay with the stupid scheduling of this football league. Last time I checked, football was a FALL sport, not a SUMMER sport. ARG!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Fixed!! Not so much

Long story short....Saw Dr. Vick; he thought he had me figured out, got a very painful shot through my stomach, I left a happy girl, had a great night all numb, woke up with the same pain in the same place like yesterday never even happened.

Moral of the story...I'm done. I'll deal with what I've got, hope the medicine 'they' swear will help does help and I'll adjust to a new normal. I've grabbed straws and don't know who else to grab. I'm not sad, I'm not bitter. I'm just done. There are bigger fish to fry...death isn't at my door and therefore it isn't worth the stress, tears, and co-pays.

Next post.....Arissa's first day (weeks) of school...That was several weeks ago but because I suck, I haven't written about. Let's just say, my kid is a freakin' ROCKSTAR and I couldn't be prouder!

Jonesin' for some pics? Go here:
you can click the pics to make them easier to see

Missing my Cali' family...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More 'Normal'....Sortof

Let's see....when I left off before I was still in pain, following the directions of my GI and his 'wonderdrug' and had just faked my way through Steven's reunion-palooza.

With no improvement in sight and the pounds melting away, I called the doctors office Tuesday morning and was rather surprised to receive a phone call from him personally later in the day. He scheduled me for a sigmoid on Thursday (after my firm explanation of the goings-on and my instance that SOMETHING IS WRONG). Wednesday I picked up my prep supplies and had me a bit of a melt down; something about bowel prep at the office kinda pushed me over the edge (Todd is in California so I was playing the lead role and really couldn't be out of the office if I could help it). Wednesday evening the fun began...for about an hour until I proceeded to vomit the prep and had to call the on-call who told me to stop drinking the 'shit that isn't fit for death-row inmates' and gave me plan B. Plan B is where I draw the line at workplace dedication. In true Anne style, I woke up at 5am with a blinding migraine and vomiting...I stayed in the bed until 2:30 (well in between trips to bathroom for said Plan B) when it was time to head to the office and was probably their most eager patient ever just so I could get the good drugs and I wouldn't care that I was dying of thirst and my head was hurting.

As I was laying there in my socks and tennis shoes and a hospital gown large enough for me and a few friends, getting aggravated at my doctor for being behind schedule, I was given plenty of time to read the handy 'cheat sheets' that are taped to the cabinet doors. Cause you know, I want the fellow that is helping out the doctor who has a scope up my ass read
step 1. Get gauze
step 2. heat to 120 degrees remove plastic from .....
you get the picture here. HELLO...this is MY ASS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!! I clearly have enough issues as it is or else I wouldn't be here and I really don't feel comfortable with someone needing a cheat sheet to know what to do in the case of something needing to be taken out. Lucky for them, he finished up the case before me and came in the room cause I was getting ready to look through the cabinets and drawers for parting items to take home for the kids.

Next thing I knew, they were telling me to wake up (yeah, right, I was sleeping really good) and then I heard them discussing if I was that pale when I came in (yes, people, I really am this pale). They finally got me to wake up, pulled my IV, walked me to a sitting area, got my Steven and the doctor. Who proceeded to tell us that I didn't get a sigmoid, but a full colonoscopy because he found a polyp and needed to make sure there weren't anymore. Colon polyps are very common if you're over 50, overweight, eat a lot of fatty food but for me, not so much but he didn't seem to be too concerned. He removed it. This, however, does not explain the pain I've been in as the polyp wasn't even in the general area of my pain. He has sent my records to Dr Vick and I have an appointment with him this Thursday as he thinks I have scar tissue causing my pain....pretty sure that's what I said over a month ago.

As crappy as this whole ordeal has been, I am still lucky. The man next to me was diagnosed with colon cancer. I'll take my stupid polyp and scar tissue and shut up now. Oh, and I'm 99% sure he is the reason my doc was late for my case. That man needed my doctor more than I did; I'm sure there will be a time that the tables will be turned and I'll want to be treated the same way.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Here are a few pics from other sources from this weekend:

Candace (cousin) and Isaiah at the family picnic

Isaiah, Candace and Arissa at the picnic

Steven, ? and Michelle Saturday night

Me and Steven

Typical us, me telling him to let go of my butt

Us, again

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MINE was so much better than YOURS

So maybe it was because I was the spouse this time.
Maybe it was because I felt like ass (my new reply to when I'm asked 'how are you?' 'like ass, leave it alone' it typically works)
Maybe it's because this weekend involved 3 events that required not only my attendance but my social skills, smiles, cute outfits, you get the picture.
But my high school reunion was soooo much more fun.

The mantra from Carol's ED days kept tromping through my head...FAKE IT UNTIL YOU CAN MAKE IT.
And I did and no one was the wiser.
The only person that mentioned anything was a complete stranger that pulled me aside to tell me she noticed I had lost a whole lot of weight from the photo Steven had posted on the alumni webpage and she wanted to know how I did it and thought I looked great. I smiled and told her I'd had a rough year and a half and certainly wasn't the one to give diet tips.
Steven was very kind and offered to leave all the events early for my benefit but for the insane price we paid, I was staying! That, and I really wanted him to enjoy his weekend.

Friday night was bowling..I drank water and watched everyone else throw down on beer and deep fried whatevers from the grill. I bowled one game with Steven (yes, I lost by 10 pins); chatted with the few people I knew, drank more water, took more pills, we stayed until the crowd started to thin, got the kids from Granny's and came home.

Saturday afternoon was the family picnic. We being the family we are, rolled through Wendy's to get our picnic lunch. We found a shade tree to set up our chairs (I don't do blankets on the ground), I doled out the Wendy's order to Steven and the kids, drank my water and tried not to get too hot. I decided not to be social at this event. I know me and the sun and I knew if I got too hot that I would be sick as a dog and wouldn't make it to the party that night. So I sat in the shade, in my chair, with my water. I don't think it was a big deal...the people we would have talked to wanted to be in the shade too so they came to us. It was a win-win situation. Came home from that, took a nap.

Saturday night was the big party. Food, drinks, dancing, etc. Honestly, I don't think I would have had anymore fun if I hadn't felt like ass. The venue just isn't set up for such a gathering and the bar was crap. I had to get my beverages from the water fountain. Yup, your choices were beer or wine or soda. I drink none of those. So there I was, with a cup at the freakin' water fountain. The caterer was the same lady that did our wedding cake and I'm sure the food was good; I've heard great things about her. Being that it was the class of '88 you can imagine the musical selections from the DJ. I had a comfy seat on the edge of the dance floor with a friend that is also a spouse and we had a decent enough time crackin on the drunk people trying to dance. Steven would come by to check in with me and see if we needed to leave and I would smile my smile and tell him to go have fun and off he'd go. We left a little before 1am .
One of the times he is checking to see if we need to leave

I stayed in bed all day today and managed to eat 1 scrambled egg then this evening I ate a cup of broth. Hopefully the week will bring better days.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Okay...Here I Go...

I think I can blog without cussing, whining, crying, or complaining so here I go. Since it’s been a hot minute I feel a bullet list coming on to get you caught up. Bear with me here, folks…

* Arissa is changing schools. Some crap about class sizes and she caught the boot-line from the school she’s attended since kindergarten and was transferred to her ‘home’ school in her last year of elementary school. As you can imagine, this little tidbit of information went over like a lead balloon. She is warming up to the idea though and is, dare I say, possibly excited. Super crappy side to all of this…the new school is on a 45/15 schedule which means she starts back July 15th. I keep telling her she’ll LOVE it when everyone else is in school and she’s on break.
*Isaiah is still trucking along wasting his summer away eating us out of house and home; trying his hand at cooking; texting people that are right beside him; and trying not to break his braces. He has already had to have an unscheduled ortho visit to have his wire put back in (don’t even ask) and he goes back tomorrow for Lord only knows what. I am curious to see what color he chooses. I made the mistake of telling him I didn’t care..
*Steven is still plugging away at midnights and hating every minute of it. We are attending his 20 year high school reunion this weekend.
*Me, well, I’m here. I am still working full time. I go to the gym as often as I can, usually twice a week; sometimes three. I am struggling with migraines in a major way and have made some visits to the ER and the hospital for scans and had my meds changed but I’m not seeing much of a change. I see my neuro in a month and this is something that we will certainly have to address. I have also started having GI issues. The jury is still out on whether it’s GI or GYN but I am seeing a GI and we are treating it as such since the only way to know if it is GYN is another surgery and well, I just can’t go there. Honestly, my gut says it’s GYN but I’ll play the game as long as I can to stay out of the OR. On top of everything else (I mean, is that NOT enough?) I have a plantar’s wart on the bottom of my foot that I had decided to ignore until I consulted with Dr Google and saw just how ugly it can get so now I have an appointment with a derm. to have it cut out. I swear, I have more specialists than a 90 year old woman. I have good days and I have bad days..if I had to give a ratio I would guess 50/50. I probably shouldn’t complain about that. I get really tired really easily and I don’t eat much. My GI said I don’t eat much cause there isn’t room b/c my guts aren’t working right either b/c of his reasons or b/c of the GYN scars. Basically, I want answers. I mean, I don’t WANT a brain tumor but a REASON for my migraines would be damn nice. I don’t WANT colon polyps but a REASON for my crippling pain would be damn nice. Hopefully that makes sense to somebody out there. When you are miserable, ‘normal’ from a test is like the kiss of death.

Well, I said I ‘think’, I didn’t say I ‘promise’…
I tried…
Oh…comments are appreciated. I get phone calls and emails wanting updates but no one ever comments on this darn thing…makes me feel like I’m talking to myself. Hello? Hello? Anyone out there?
I can't decide about the new layout..cute or Brady Bunch?