Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Private Room 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $2384.00
Drugs 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $ 375.18
Med/Surg Supplies 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $158.99
Laboratory Services 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $859.00
Laboratory Services 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $158.00
Laboratory Services 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $130.00
Laboratory Services 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $483.00
Laboratory Services 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $32.00
Drugs 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $355.82
Diag. Medical Exam 08-25-08 to 08-29-08 $480.00

Total $5415.99

Total Benefits Approved $5415.99

Amount You May Owe Provider $0.00

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medical Hodge-podge

Let's see...First of all, Arissa is doing terrific! Her incisions are looking great and her energy level is pretty good. She had to go to the eye doctor yesterday and our fears were confirmed..the kid needs glasses. So, she picked out a super cute pair of glasses and she should have them in 7-10 days.

Isaiah's eyes seemed fine (and the insurance won't pay for an exam until 2009) so he'll go back in a year unless something changes between now and then. I wish I had some great glorious news to share about our boy but that isn't the case. His midterm came home with less than stellar grades. That's all I've got to say about that.

Steven is still trucking along and remains the only constantly healthy member of our family.

I saw my neuro on Monday who fell wretched about my Topamax ordeal and apologized all over himself. I appreciated his words and could tell that he took it personally what I have been through. He is planning to report my case to the manufacturer of the drug. He is also contacting my insurance company to fight for Botox approval. This is a tried and true method for me and he feels he has a pretty good shot given the Topamax nightmare. He is also sending me for a sleep study to see if that is a culprit in the migraine mystery. Yesterday I saw my PCP about my knee and other items. The MRI came back normal but he said my knee is clearly NOT normal and is sending me on to a specialist. He does feel that surgery WON'T be necessary so I am thanking God for small blessings. Unfortunately, I have lost more weight (this much I knew) and when I explained my symptoms and typical day he felt that it wasn't a matter of my body getting used to food again (that should have improved weeks ago) and that I need to be seen by my GI. I also got a script for a sinus infection. I told him what was wrong with me, the medicine I needed and the dosage. He said while I am a complicated person, at least I know what I need and also know when to ask for help. I took that as a compliment.

And so...the saga continues.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caution! Surgery Photos at the end...

So after sitting at the football field for 2 extra hours (I am really over VFC football and their jacked up sense of time) and getting sunburned yesterday all I really wanted to do when I got home was shower and eat. My family wanted to meet Mr. Hunter. Not that I blame them one bit. So, I showered and ate in the car. We got there and Steven went right for the sink, washed up and took the baby right from Carol without a moments hesitation. He FINALLY gave the baby to me and proceeded to undress him so I could check out his parts. Steven let me hold and snuggle for a little bit but then took him back. Isaiah and Arissa were a bit timid about holding him. They both finally did and Isaiah even changed positions without problem (Isaiah also got him to poo, Ha!). So we aggravated him enough that he finally woke up and boy, was he hungry! We took that as our cue to exit.

We got back just in time for me to meet Sara in Mexico (El Cantarito's) for dinner. We had the most horrific service and my food was sent back. I had eaten chips and salsa so wasn't hungry anyways so I didn't let them bring me something else. Total dinner bill=$2.00! We left there and went to Starbucks for coffee and dessert. Sara bought me a coffee and a goody and we found a table outside where we stayed for the next 3 hours. Four hours spent with my Sara was good for my heart and soul and just what I needed after my week and frankly, my month. Sara and I have decided that since our husbands spend so much time together on the golf course we are entitled to at least one night a month to hang. The only interruption I had was a phone call from Isaiah who told me his wire came out. Not just loose or poking him but out as in HOLDING IT IN HIS HAND. He also lost a bracket. Sweet!!! I'll be phoning the orthodontist in the morning.

Arissa is recovering nicely. She did overdo it yesterday and had to take a pill when we got back from Carol's. Tonight she took a shower and washed her hair.

Tomorrow I see my neuro about my wretched Topamax experience and to see what we try next. I hope to hear early this week about the MRI on my knee. Tuesday the kids and Steven have eye appointments. It's always something with us!

Here are some pics of Arissa's incisions. If you don't like icky (they aren't that bad) then stop reading now:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yes, We are home....

I've just been too damn tired to even think about updating the blog. We got home Wednesday afternoon. I didn't sit down and headed right back out to do some serious grocery shopping. We had nothing in this house and I knew if I didn't do it then I wouldn't do it later. I managed going to Kroger, Kmart and Walgreens; putting all the groceries away; getting the fridge arranged so Arissa would have access to all of her food; arranged her flowers in a vase; fixed dinner and unpacked; BEFORE I fell asleep trying to eat my dinner. I think I was out by 7pm. Isaiah woke me up at 730 to take him to school and I came back home and crashed until 1030. I would have slept more but Steven woke me up. I headed into work with one eye open. I was there only a few hours and Todd was sending me back out the door. I let Steven sleep and took Isaiah to the orthodontist. Came home, slept until 530, then headed to cheerleading practice. Friday morning I had to go for an MRI of my left knee and could barely keep my eyes open through the very loud test. I came home from that, snuggled in the bed with my girl, and got some serious z's. I slept another 9 hours last night and woke up today feeling pretty good.

Arissa is doing wonderful. She has kept us busy playing lots of board games but otherwise hasn't been any trouble. She has a great attitude and hasn't been in much pain. She hasn't taken any medicine since Thursday night and then she only needed it because she was squatting in her floor, lost her balance, and stabbed herself in the belly button with a marker. Her belly button incision started bleeding and was hurting. We have talked about her NOT doing such balancing acts for a few weeks.

Isaiah has been awesome through this whole ordeal. He decided to stay home from the high school game last night cause he didn't want to leave his sister. He plays whatever game she wants, gets her drinks and snacks, helps me by running up and down the stairs so I don't have to. He's a really big help.

Melissa and Jayden came over last night to bring Arissa some cards from her classmates, a gift from her teacher and her make up work. Jayden had a great time playing with my Mater collection and playing 'girl' with Arissa's vanity. He knew where everything went...he applied 'nail polish', 'lipstick', 'dried' his hair, and planted a pink hat square on his head. Good thing Johnnie wasn't around! It was pretty funny though.

After I get finished at the football game, we are heading down to Harriman and Steven and the kids can meet Mr. Hunter. I have put Arissa off as long as I can so we'll head on down.

Here are a few pictures of Arissa pre and post op:

Smiling big and passing the time before surgery

After the drugs, just before they took her to the OR
Fresh out of surgery with her new friend (thanks, Aunt Kathy!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning Update

Arissa is AWESOME! No pain meds since 8 last night..eating really good...slept like a champ! She said her incisions are a little sore but that's about it. Oh, and her mood is better though she is a tiny bit snippy still. She walked a lap last night and then walked to the family kitchen with me for coffee (coffee for me, not her). The 'learning' surgeon came in already and we're waiting to see the main man then should be on our way. I have no idea the timing of that, though. Arissa is hoping it is at least after lunch because she picked out her lunch and dinner and wants to eat them! I told her she might get her lunch but I doubted we'd be here for the dinner tray.

Other news for today: I slept! I was asleep about 11 last night, Arissa woke me up at 4 to potty, then I was back to sleep until 6. Things on the surgical floor get hopping pretty early so sleeping in isn't much of an option. It wasn't the best sleep in the world but I've had worse. I think after my week though, any sleep is a plus. I am anxious to get home, showered and crash in my comfy bed.

Carol and Hunter are going home today, too! I talked to Carol earlier. She said Hunter was nice enough to sleep for 4 hours straight last night! He is still doing great and it sounds like Carol and Jerry are still floating on their cloud.

Hopefully my next update will be from home!
Again, thanks to you all for your prayers and notes!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A better update

Sorry for being so short. My mind isn't working too great these days. I am sure it is related to the complete lack of sleep I have gotten since Sunday morning. I think I am up to about 4 1/2 hours since Sunday.

Arissa is awake and just finished a bowl of her noodles (chicken noodle soup but she eats it with a fork and only eats the noodles and chicken) and is sipping a Sprite. Her belly is pretty sore and she just asked for something for pain. She is mildly cranky (she admitted as much) but nothing too terrible and I think after being sick for almost a month she deserves to be cranky!

Arissa was so awesome through this whole ordeal. She didn't even blink last night when she got her second IV of the day and she laid perfectly still and listened for the CT scan. She had a long wait for her surgery today but barely complained. We passed the time with some visitors, different doctors and nurses doing their 'thing' to get her ready. Grandma and Grandpa came to be with her for her surgery and even played a game of 'Sorry' with her! Somehow, Grandma won although she couldn't remember the rules of the game! They came to get her and by the time we had to give kisses goodbye she was pretty much out of it. Actually, we KNOW she wasn't all there because she let Grandpa kiss her! In her 9 years that was only his 3rd kiss. She also let Steven kiss on her (he does all the time but she usually fights him off). The transport nurse was a girl I used to work with so she sat with us for several minutes and let me know they had her asleep and gave me better insight to where they were with her. It wasn't long before I got the first of several phone calls letting us know her progress. They certainly go above and beyond to keep the parents informed! Aunt Kathy was waiting for her when she got back to her room with a new LilKinz Frog (she named him Hunter..notice a trend?) and a balloon.

We hope to come home tomorrow but it will depend on how she does. She is out of school beginning Monday (her break is 3 weeks) so she will have plenty of time to heal without worrying about missing too much school. She is out of dance and cheerleading for about 3 weeks too.

Well, she is asking me to play "War" with her so I need to scoot. I'll post again if anything changes.

Thank you for all the sweet emails, texts, and prayers. We really do appreciate it!

Out of Surgery

Arissa's 2pm start time ended up being a 4pm start time so she is just getting out and we are waiting now for her to come back to her room. The surgeon said everything went great and they were able to do the operation laproscopically so she should be feeling better soon.

I'll update later when I know more.

Surgery Scheduled

We found a surgeon with time to take her and we are now scheduled for 2pm. She is anxious and a bit nervous but otherwise okay.

Will post later!

Sweet Baby Hunter

I could write a million words but none of them would begin to express the joy of this event.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Hunter William Jones
6lbs 12 ozs
19 1/2 inches
Welcome baby Hunter, welcome!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My how time flies

How did we go from THIS:


In 3 short years?

While I am amazed at the beautiful, confident, smart young lady she is becoming; my heart aches for the baby years. With each passing milestone I am beginning to understand how my parents must have felt watching us grow up.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Crazy Week with the Freeman's

The new month kicked of all kinds of crazy in the house. I am supposed to be recovering and resting but life doesn't really allow for that. I am feeling tons better and still getting better with every passing day. Besides Monday & Thursday, I worked a full day every day.

Tuesday Arissa started dance which would have been fine by itself but she also had cheer leading that night. She went to dance from 6-7 (missing an hour of cheer practice) then finished out practice until 7:30. I had to get her to dance, get myself back to practice, leave practice to get her, get us both back to practice, deal with parents, drop off one of my girls, go to the grocery store, then do dinner and homework. We ended up grabbing Chinese food, spreading out books and eating while doing homework. Poor Isaiah was up until after 10.

Wednesday wasn't bad; just worked.

Thursday while I was at the Aquarium with Arissa I got a phone call from Isaiah. He had woken up with a bad headache/possible migraine so was home. He called very upset with how bad is head was hurting and telling me his chest was hurting. I was a little unnerved with the chest pain complaint but stuck in Chattanooga, so I called the doctor to get his opinion. His opinion was a visit to the ER to get checked out. Great! I'll just teleport myself back to Oak Ridge and get him right there! I called Isaiah back, told him to wake up Steven, told Steven what was going on, we decided for me to hang up while Steven did an assessment. In the meantime, I deposited my 2 kids from my group, got the mom that needed to follow me back, and wheeled out of Chattanooga like a bat out of hell. Steven called me back, pronounced Isaiah not on the verge of death and told me not to rush. This was good to know since I HAD to be at cheer practice from 6-730; since this Saturday was the biggest of the year, missing was catastrophic. Luckily, Isaiah fell asleep so that bought me some more time. We practiced and headed home. I fixed Isaiah his favorite meal, hoping that would perk him up. It did a little but it was short lived.

Friday-Isaiah woke up and got ready for school but was still not feeling well. I took Arissa to school and called the doctor at 7:45 and got an 8:30 appointment...diagnosis=sinus infection. Dr James did his handy 'redneck xray' (ask me about it if you're curious), wrote us a script for the antibiotics, and off we went. (That makes 3 scripts a day for Isaiah-migraine preventative, ringworm pill, sinus infection pills--he is certainly my clone!). Cheer practice from 6-730; home to do laundry since our clothes from last week were still dirty; straighten up the house since it looked like a frat house; and get some rest for the next day.

Saturday was the big East/West game. We had to bring our A-game to avoid total humiliation. Thank the cheer gods that all of my girls were ready! After the game, Kathy, Joseph, Arissa, me, Samantha and Tammy went to eat. Then it was a quick stop at Kathy's for some medicine for my knee and a stop to pick up Kamry. We were home for a few minutes then Lynn, Heather, Savannah and JC got here. Steven went to the grocery store, I grilled burgers, and we hung out and watched the Miami/Florida game. (Bonus-Steven came home and him and Lynn brought in all the groceries but Steven told me there was something on the front seat and asked me to go get it. A DOZEN PINK ROSES...yeah, he's awesome). So Heather cut and arranged my roses while I made the burgers, with 3 kids running around, JC locking himself in my bedroom, Lynn and Steven drinking beer and yelling at football. It was NORMAL again. I have so missed NORMAL.

Here are some pics from the game yesterday:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Day at the Aquarium

Arissa, Alyssa and Alexis....say that 3 times fast!

This will shock any of you that really know me.....I went as a chaperon on a field trip today! Yup, mark it on your calendar cause it hasn't happened in about 8 years and if I have my way, won't happen again.

See, you all think I married Steven for his caring ways, good looks, etc. but the truth is...I don't do field trips and they don't bother him. There have been very few field trips that he has missed with Arissa (Isaiah is 'too cool' to have parents go). THIS, my friends, is why I really married him! Unfortunately, with Steven's hectic work schedule he wasn't able to attend this one but had already paid to go (aquarium admission, IMAX movie and lunch=too much money for one of us not to go). So, off I went....

It wasn't that bad. It wasn't the time of my life either.

But...Arissa was glad I was there and now she can't tell me that I never went on a field trip with her! (for the record....I did a field trip with Isaiah in Head Start and this was my first with Arissa. Steven has been around since Arissa started field trips).

My motherly duties have been fulfilled and I didn't even have to ride the bus all the way down to Chattanooga with 80 very loud, very excited 4th graders!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dancing Queen

Super cute dance bag!

Super-duper cute FootUndeez! (this pic has been included just for you, Grandpa!)

One little girl SO EXCITED for her first dance class!