Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not Still at the Surgeon

Never made it to the surgeon.

To say that this week has been hard would be a GINORMOUS UNDERSTATEMENT. Steven's truck had the tune of way more money than I could stomach without throwing up in my mouth a little bit. It decided to have these issues while I was trying to drive to the appointment. I was trying to make it to the repair shop, calling Steven over and over and over trying to will him awake, and having Mom track down the number to the surgeons office to cancel my appointment (doctors name? not a clue. phone number? no idea. But! they're just down the road from you. Miraculously, Mom found the number and got my appointment cancelled). Eleven hours later the truck was fixed. But only in theory. It was still messed up and had to be returned Tuesday morning. Another stressful day ensued. We got it back, Steven says it's fixed. I am refusing to drive it out of spite for the hell it has caused me this week.

Today was my day to have a good day. This was the day! Positive attitude! No more tears!Looking on the sunny side! Too bad my brain didn't get the memo. I was taking migraine meds at 7am and going back to bed. I made it to work about noon.

Tomorrow, I try again. Tomorrow will be a good day. Please, Lord, let it be a good day....

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Owe Y'all Some Photos.....

First up is Easter.

These photos were taken roughly 4 hours before I was admitted to the hospital for 4 days. I think I look pretty darn good and hid everything very well. Props to me.

Next up is Arissa's 10th birthday. There are no photos of her opening gifts. She got all cards and cash. So the pictures get boring quick of card, cash, card, cash.

Finally we have the Hunter Spend the Night. He was a very good boy and we loved having him. He was a well behaved guest who did not overstay his welcome and he is officially invited to come back.

I think that's all the pictures I hadn't posted.
I see the surgeon tomorrow so we'll see where we stand on everything. I would expect nothing much to happen. Of course, I didn't expect to be admitted and all that went with it 2 weeks ago so maybe I should stop expecting......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I saw the Infectious Disease dude today. He was shocked that the scope I had done inpatient hadn't been done before because apparently this bacteria (h pylori) is rather common and is known for causing stomach pain (where I have been complaining for over a year that was hurting). This bacteria is close to e coli but not as bad and doesn't run into my blood stream. Basically, it is in the lining of the stomach, gets aggravated and goes into the base of the esophagus. This bacteria is present in many patients that have ulcers/bleeding ulcers. Some patients always have the bacteria and never have problems. Other patients have the ulcers but not the bacteria. It could have been left untreated but based on my fantastic medical history he didn't want to take the chance of me developing ulcers (which, lets face it, wouldn't be a simple would be bleeding and life threatening!).

He isn't convinced the chest pain was caused by this bacteria but since the heart tests checked out okay he is willing to leave it alone. As we know, I am weird and it is possible they are related.

I am on 2 weeks of Flagyl and Tetracyclene plus Previcid and Pepto Bismol. The antibiotics can't be taken together. One of them interacts with my other meds. One requires food. One requires no food. One is twice a day. One is 4 times a day. I need a spreadsheet and a coach!

He looked at me. Looked at what his scale told him and called it a liar. It said I weighed 124. It's off a good 5 pounds if not 7-8. He wanted to make sure I wasn't still losing weight and at the minimum maintaining my weight.

He is dry as a cracker but is thorough. So that is a good thing.

All in all it was a good visit and I got a much clearer picture of what is going on with this crazy body of mine (the clarity of not being on narcotics is good for that). Seems that I'm not quite as weird as we originally feared.

I see the surgeon that did my biopsy for a follow up on Monday. Hopefully he won't confuse me again!

Now, of you'll excuse me...I need to consult Excel to see what medicine I need to take.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Macaroni Mojo Mystery

If you are a member of my family and have eaten my mac-and-cheese last weekend or this weekend and swallowed it but didn't LOVE it? If you've heard Steven and I, or the kids and I, discussing my Macaroni Mojo and where has it gone? Rest assured. The mojo has been found. It's been right there in black and white this whole time. Have you ever read something completely NOT the way it was written but the way you thought it read? Um, yeah, apparently that happened over here at the Freeman's. See, 4 cups cooked macaroni should start out as 2 cups dry. But when you boil 4 cups dry, you get 8 cups cooked and well, there just isn't enough liquid in the equation to go around. time, I'm bringing the mac and cheese, whether you want me to or not. If you still think it's not so great then cool. Y'all handle the m&c from here on out. But I've got to at least try to redeem my culinary capabilities.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Arissa...A Force to be Reckoned with Right from the Start

Anyone who knows my Arissa knows she is a bird of a different feather. She thrives on being different. She is sassy and has a mouth (much like her mothers) that has a mind of it's own. She can be the kindest, sweetest girl one moment and a tornado the next. You never know which Arissa you are going to get. Arissa roared into this world 10 years ago today with an entrance like no other..........

It was Saturday, April 17th, and Kathy and her kids were over. Kamry toppled over and I thought nothing of bending over and scooping her up. The rest of the day I felt 'off'. I wasn't having contractions or any other signs of labor but I just felt weird. I didn't mention it to anybody because I didn't think it was worth mentioning. I went to sleep that night after watching Saturday Night Live (the episode where Jennifer Love Hewitt was in labor and the cheerleaders were in the labor room. I remember thinking that would be my luck..being in labor and Carol and Kathy making jokes and cheerleading in my room). Four hours later I woke up with an odd pain. Followed by another odd pain. Then another and another. I got up thinking that walking would make it go away. I went to the bathroom. I walked some more. I packed a bag. And cussed. And walked. Called the OB, who told me to get to the hospital. I clearly remember saying that this BETTER be real labor because if this is false labor than God is an evil, evil man. I called my mom (who, for reasons that aren't worth getting into, was my way to the hospital. Where there were medical professionals. And epidurals). We were a solid 30 minutes from each other, even at 4am and she felt the need to shower before coming to get me. I thought the bathroom held the answers to all of issues so off I went again. Only this time something was certainly not right. Not right AT ALL. Without getting too horribly graphic lets just say that pressure I was trying to relieve was NOT what I thought it was. It was MY CHILDS HEAD. Yes, right there. Cue Anne freaking out. A call was made to 911. Arguments ensued regarding my full denial of what was happening and that there was no way in the world this was happening there because I hadn't had my epidural. Clearly, Arissa didn't get the memo and was coming whether I had been medicated or not. One push...her head. Mom finally gets there, lays upon me in an effort to make it all better, only to be tossed off by my super human strength to show her the baby between my legs. Next contraction, one push and there she was. 5:20 am 4-18-1999 A perfect screaming baby girl. Perfect timing...the fire department showed up and took over. I called my OB back to tell him not to worry about going to the hospital, I had taken care of the delivery already. The ambulance came, loaded us up and off we went to the hospital. I thought that was rather stupid since the hard part was already done but wasn't really in a position to argue.

We got a few hours of rest before the revolving door of visitors started. There wasn't a minute of that Sunday where we didn't have a visitor. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday; maybe it was because of the way she was born...either way it was awesome. We were on the news a few weeks later. Arissa's claim to fame...she will forever be known as 'the bathroom baby'. One day she'll think the way she was born is as awesome of a story as it is. Right now? She thinks it's horrible. I tell her it could be least I had the sense to get off the toilet and onto the floor!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

I jinxed myself with my last post. I should have known better.

Most of last week I had a headache of some degree every day. Thursday it was at its worst and my chest was hurting. I was just so miserable. I told Steven that if I was fat and old, I'd think I was having a heart attack. I woke up Friday morning and felt better. But as the day wore on, things went downhill again. The pattern repeated Saturday and Sunday. I forged on, trying to ignore everything and didn't mention how bad my chest was hurting. Finally Sunday I mentioned to Mom about my chest. She kept telling me I should get checked out. Eventually I agreed and she took me to the ER. Having chest pains on Easter Sunday gets you a pass to the front of the line and very quick service. They ran some tests and concluded that my heart appeared to be okay but they wanted to keep me overnight to make sure. In true Anne fashion, one night turned into 3 nights and I was discharged yesterday. I had a stress test, CT, MRI, and an EGD (? I think that's what they've called it...a scope/biopsy down my throat). The consensus seems to be 'status migraine' (a migraine that can't be stopped) and I have a bacterial infection in my esophagus that caused the chest pain. I am waiting on my doctors to figure out what antibiotic I can take to get rid of the infection since I am allergic to the ones they typically use.

I made the colossal mistake of trying to go back to work today and didn't last but a few hours. I was shaky, sweaty, my head was exploding and I was extremely nauseous. I made it home, medicated and slept for a few hours. Woke up much better. Still yucky but not as miserable. I think I'll take it easy tomorrow and this weekend and try again Monday.

Speaking of this weekend....ARISSA TURNS 10!!! I'll be sure to post pictures. And as soon as Mom uploads and emails Easter pics, I'll share those too.

Thanks for checking in....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Steven's Turn!!

Steven had to have a very unplanned surgery Tuesday afternoon to remove a cracked tooth. He initially cracked the tooth back in September, while we were at the ER with Arissa and her appendix. He had gone to Wendy's to grab us some supper and he bit into something hard in his burger. Unfortunately, when it happened we were in the middle of an IV crisis with Arissa and there were a bunch of people in the room so he was very quiet about the whole thing. This is unfortunate b/c in his effort to not cause a distraction, he didn't dig through what was in his mouth and find the object. Apparently, this makes all the difference when filing a claim with a restaurant. They only compensated us a small portion of what the total cost of extraction and replacement would be. As usual, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and his tooth wasn't bothering him so those funds went elsewhere. (I am getting to the point of the story. Promise)
Fast forward to Sunday morning.....he got off work and was going to pick up his Mom to take her to church. He stopped at McDonald's to grab an egg sandwich and he felt like he was chewing on shells and he was convinced there was something lodged in his gums. He tried every dental tool we have, I tried every dental tool we have and he was miserable. He called McDonald's, told them what happened, they told him to go to the ER. (this whole time we are both stunned that this could happen twice in less than a year. Heck, even twice in a lifetime!) He goes to the ER, his tooth is cracked. Nothing they can do. See your dentist ASAP. His dentist was closed Monday and he got in with them Tuesday morning. His dentist broke the news that it was the same tooth as in September, the egg sandwich had nothing to do with it (which means there would be no compensation for the ER visit or the other costs we were getting ready to incur), and the tooth has to come out. He pulled the part of the tooth that was lodged in his gum and got him an appointment that afternoon with an oral surgeon. He called me about 15 minutes after he got there...I'd have to be there. They were putting him all the way under. He'd never been put to sleep before. He was scared to death. He did well and provided quite the entertainment after he woke up. He was pretty stoned until about 830-9 that night. He asked me a million times "what time is it? where am I? how did I get here? is my tooth gone?" He watched Jeopardy and got 99% of the questions wrong (he's usually really good). He asked about his strawberry milkshake. It was vanilla. He bumped into the wall and said he was "fine. I'm fine. just fine." At which point Isaiah looks at me and says "how can he say he's fine and he's running into walls? You know, Mom, you handle your drugs a lot better than he does!" (see prior entries about my ability to seem completely normal and coherent while heavily medicated).

By Wednesday morning he was back to normal. He has had minimal pain and is going back to work tonight. It was really odd to be on the other side of the IV and loopy meds. I will say that I would have much preferred to been on his side. Watching the ones you love scared and in pain is horrible. I can't imagine how he has done it all these years with me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll Be Carrying a Gun and All....

*See update at bottom of post*

So..this past week brought Isaiah's job interview. He was told proper dress was required. This to a 12+ year old means his nicest shorts. I told him that no one who wants to go anywhere in this world rolls up to a job interview wearing shorts. His response? Well, she said to wear something like we'd be wearing on the job and I'm trying to be a cop and I don't have a uniform. Obviously, kids at this age still take things very literally. I pulled his Dockers and a polo out of his closet, had him try them on, then sent him to see Steven. The irony of asking your Dad to iron for a job interview was almost as comical as Arissa's background comments (do you get a virtual badge?). The next day I asked him how his interview went. He said that overall she (teacher) said he did really good and the only problem.....His short fuse. Isaiah gets agitated pretty easy and his teacher is concerned this will affect his ability to perform his job properly and safely. I was trying to take it all in and (this conversation was over the phone) I guess he thought I was confused or something because he says....Cause I'll be carrying a gun and all. He was dead serious. I giggled and told him yes, anger and firearms don't mix. Wonder what happens if he doesn't land this job? Does he get to apply for another? He does have student loans to repay so he needs to get a j-o-b.

At least his *wife* is the best paid teacher in the education system......

*Monday afternoon update*
Apparently "anger with fire arms" is easily over-riden by your ability to look into the interviewers eyes, not mumble and to dress the part. Isaiah is now a police officer with the Nashville Metro Police Department with a salary of $30,000. He asked if we could go out to dinner to celebrate. His virtual job. My reply? Sure, any virtual restaurant you desire.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Baby James(on)

My best friend since I was 5 has the most incredible little boy. He can work YouTube like no other. He can dance like a rockstar. He loves sugar. The more sugar and more processed a food is, the more he likes it. He thinks Veggie Tales are Grammy worthy and he thinks the Wiggles are pretty cool too. He thinks Gummies are a five star food. He runs, laughs, cries, and snuggles.
He will be 8 next month. He isn't potty trained. He is on a special diet, requires special schooling and close supervision. He doesn't talk.
Jameson has autism.
Jameson makes those around him laugh and smile and forget the burdens they thought were so important. Jameson lives in the moment. He doesn't care what he wears, what people think. He is a free spirit. A blessing from above. I know that for his parents, who have the daunting task of having the equivilant of an infant for the rest of their lives, the blessing is probably sometimes hard to see. Jameson has so much to teach others....he's already taught my children and myself a lifetime of lessons.

Autism Awareness Day--April 2nd.

Thank you, JC. Have a gummie on me!