Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Life Gets Busy... don't have time to update your blog. Work has been super crazy busy; I'm in the final week before my parents big bash; I'm trying to go to the gym and well, I just don't have the brain power left at the end of the day to compose a witty, informative blog post.

The kids are great. Steven is working his tail off and getting all kinds of overtime. I'll update later when my brain isn't so mushy. It will probably be AFTER the big bash (August 8-9). I'm sure y'all can wait another week or so for a real update.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let Me Upgrade You!

The bean bag in the corner was his purchase with his lawn mowing money

Isaiah's room was rather pitiful before. He's a big boy now and has a big boy bed! He got upgraded from a hard twin bed to a plush full. New linens and a bed side table and lamp. We brought the extra DVD player up and put away the VCR he had. We bagged up old toys. He loves his new room! You know, I have no idea why we waited as long as we did. I guess it's true what they say...the squeeky wheel gets the grease. I think the boy has learned the value of a good squeek!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

He Tries....

In case you can't see the whole picture:

This is Steven. Hanging off the end of our house. Wearing his swim trunks, a wife beater and his Crocs. With a gas powered week wacker in his hands. He is on the end of the house where, should he fall, death is pretty certain.

No one can ever say that Steven doesn't try. No one can ever say that he won't go to extreme lengths to please his wife. One CAN say, however, that his sense of safety is a bit skewed.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend

This has been the busiest 4th of July weekend we've had in a really really long time!

  • Friday the kids and I headed down to Harriman to go out on the boat with Carol and her crew. It was a beautiful day (not too hot) and I tried my hand at several activities I've never tried before. I even got dirty and didn't have a complete meltdown (whined, yes...but not a complete meltdown).

I love this picture of Isaiah. His smile is awesome!

Yes, that is me. Climbing. On rocks. In dirt. Carol didn't get a photo of my loud wail about the dirt in my nails. This is where I suffered a most hideous leg injury. Scrapes and bruises from knee to ankle. Can't say that it was totally worth it since my pitiful self couldn't hold on to the rope and slid right off of it. Resulting in several small cuts on my hands.

Tarzan, I am not. Heck, I'm not even Jane. Pitiful I am. BUT .... I get lots of credit for effort.

Yet another activity that was a try and fail. Wake boarding. I wore that wake board like I knew what I was doing. I had the proper form and equipment. I don't have the proper upper body strength. The boat took off and pulled the rope out of my hand....several times. I was completely shown up by small children (Arissa, Chloe and Olivia all got up). I am not alone though...Carol couldn't master it either.

Arissa was all about the tube. The faster and bumpier the ride, the bigger she smiled.

Tubing I can do. You lay and hold on. I have serious tubing ability.

I can even tube with a partner. Carol and I laughed so hard. My abs are sore and I think it's from laughing so much.

This would be slightly before I lost my bottoms in the lake. Luckily I have good ankles and they didn't completely come off. Times like that make me very glad the lake is not transparent. That wouldn't have been good........................
  • Saturday dawned for us at 645AM. We rose, brushed, dressed and headed to Oliver Springs to meet Carol and procure the Hunter boy. Carol and family were going riding so Hunter hung with us. We then headed to Farragut so Isaiah and Arissa could walk with Grandma's work and hand out loot. I dropped them off then met my best friend from high school to watch the parade with her and two of her boys. We sat. And waited. And sweated. And waited. Almost two hours later the darn parade finally made it to us. At which point Hunter was fast asleep. He was not fazed by the police sirens or the kids chasing after candy. We delivered Mom and Dad back to their car and headed home. And detoured into the Red Robin. Hunter was hungry. We were hungry. We had no food at home. As I was fixing his bottle and Isaiah was changing Hunters diaper I heard a familiar voice say "I thought you were going home" and Hey! It's Mom and Dad! They were hungry and didn't have any food either. So we got to eat with them. Very nice time and Hunter was so happy to get to throw his menu in the floor. Over and over and over. And make goo goo eyes at his Grandpa. We got home, pushed the coffee table to the side, laid out a big blanket and let the boy crawl and get some alone time. He is so mobile now and really enjoys exploring. We were getting ready to head over to Steven's aunts house for the cookout when Carol called and we had to give Hunter back.

  • So....we delivered him back to her then.......
  • went to the family cookout. We stayed a few hours and then headed over to.........

  • Pellissippi State for the Faith Promise Church 4th of July Celebration. There were tons of inflatables, games, food, drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, music, etc. and it was all free. Our family signed up to work moonwalks for little kids. We thought we'd just hang outside the moonwalk, make sure shoes were off and no one was bleeding. Not so much. There were over 5000 people at this event....and tons of little kids wanting to jump. Only 6 at a time. We divided and conquered. Isaiah and I worked one (I picked them up to put them in {my tubing arms were on fire} and he kept track of their exit). Steven and Arissa worked the other one. Steven checked id's {one and two year olds only} and Arissa went in to fetch the stragglers that didn't want to come out). We gathered 4 chairs and had a front row seat for some pretty impressive fireworks...all set to worship music! The display lasted about 10 minutes and we were home at 1030PM. Much better than fighting marina traffic or Knoxville traffic!

  • Today I launched an assault on the grocery store. I saved right at $100 with my awesome coupon skills and we now don't have to eat ice cube sandwiches for dinner.

I'm glad tomorrow is Monday...I can go to work to get some rest!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day with the Bakers...Isaiah's View

Interesting to see what is photo worthy in the eyes of a 13 year old boy:

Arissa and I attended our first wedding of the season a few weeks ago. It was hands-down the sweetest wedding I've witnessed. Sarah and Blake are so cute and are over the moon in love. Here are a few pictures. Isaiah was in Houston and since he's the only one that can work my camera, the pictures turned out like crap. I was so sad.

The new Dr & Mrs Blake Tarr

Me at the reception

Arissa & I at the wedding

Arissa enjoying her ice cream sundae