Saturday, August 29, 2009

Isaiah Inman #8; Position: Right Bench

Isaiah had his first football game last night. The above photos were the only action Isaiah saw. It was warm ups.
I am so proud of Isaiah. He didn't see one second of game time. Yet there he was, cheering on his team. He said he still had fun encouraging his team mates. His sister was so sad he didn't get to play and told him she was sorry. He replied (without skipping a beat) "it's okay, right bench is my favorite position".
Proof that ATTITUDE outweighs APTITUDE.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello. My name is Anne and I'm a crappy blogger

Let's see here. Where do I begin??

Momma and Daddy's party. HUGE success! We had about 130 friends and family join us for over 4 hours of dinner, drinks, dancing and FUN! My parents were thrilled with the way "my vision" came together and the guests seemed to appreciate the little touches. We were fortunate enough to have a professional (and our friend) photographer present so I'm sure I'll have lots of incredible pictures to share later. Here is the link for the "sneak peak" she posted on her site. Click Here

The following weekend Steven, me and the kids heading to Atlanta to visit Six Flags and White Water. Steven and Arissa rode all the insane coasters and Isaiah and I did lots of cooling our heels and waiting. He is an awesome waiting partner and even though the 2 of us didn't 'do' much, we still had a good time. The next day we went to White Water. THAT is where it's at. I rode all but 1 ride; Isaiah did all but 2 and Steven and Arissa hit every single one.

The next day, the kids started school. I now have 2 children in middle school! Isaiah is very "whatever" about school and Arissa is thrilled. I think her locker is 95% of her enthusiasm. She is in the same homeroom and locker neighbors with her best friend, Alexis.

First day of school:

Isaiah's football season has started, although his first game was cancelled because of weather. He has one coming up this Thursday. I really hope he gets some playing time! Arissa is cheering again for the Boys and Girls Club. Her first game was this Saturday. She starts back at dance the week of Labor Day. Our schedules are pretty full these days.

One guess which one is Isaiah:

Yes, #10. My itty bitty M'saiah

Arissa first game

Speaking of schedules....Steven's is a mess. While he was off on vacation, 3 people with more time than him opted to move from the 4p-12a shift to the 12a-8a shift. Add this to him accepting a different position in the company and well, it sucks. Some days he works at 4p. Some days he goes in at 12a. There are very few days that he doesn't get called in early. It makes planning activities difficult and there are going to be lots of days that I'm trying to get 2 kids to 2 different places at the same time. It will all work out. No child has ever died from having to wait a few minutes to be picked up. I keep reminding myself to be grateful that he has a job and that he is willing to put his body (messed up sleep schedules) through hell to take care of his family. We are lucky. I know that. Sometimes I just lose sight of it.

Me? I won't even go there right now. I've been worse...way worse. But I've been better, too. I am awaiting some test results and have an appointment on the horizon. I'll let you know what happens.
Sorry for taking so long to update. I'll try to do better. HONEST!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

And We Danced

The exposure is terrible on this one but I love it anyways!