Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm Alive

At my mother's urging I am updating my blog *waves HI to Mom*.

There hasn't been much to update but the Reader's Digest version is something like this:

High school is kicking Isaiah's butt. He has adjusted well to the social aspect of it but the academic aspect has been a real struggle. In a few days he goes back and as far as we are concerned, he is starting fresh. We aren't going to dwell on the disaster that was his first semester. He is working on earning back his privileges and we look forward to a wonderful 2011.

Arissa is thriving in 6th grade and is managing her heavy activity schedule and academics like a seasoned pro. She brought home straight A's on this last report card (a first for her without having the cushion of the "buy back" system that she had in 5th grade). She needed new school shoes and we added a monetary reward to get her the Sperry's she really wanted (they are the Sabago's of 2010). She has about a month left of basketball season cheering (up to 2 games a week), weekly practice, tumbling class and church. After the season is over she will still have tumbling and church but the other 2 will drop off. She has mastered her round off back handspring in the gym and is working very hard on being able to do it outside of the reassurance of the coach and the squishy mats. We are very proud of her, as she is the only new cheerleader to have come as far as she has (and has even passed several of the veteran cheerleaders).

Steven has taken up running in addition to his weight training. Unfortunately, he suffered a very common runners injury a few weeks ago and broke his foot. He is in a walking boot for 2 months and then he'll have to be reevaluated to see if he can resume his running.

At the time of the year when most people are signing up for gym memberships, I went against the grain and cancelled my membership. It was $40 a month that I was not using and have no desire to use. Now I have the best excuse EVER not to go workout. My weight is slowly improving and I've gained 5 pounds. After being painfully thin for so long those 5 pounds feel like 50. I am still struggling with my migraines and learned a few months ago that the bacteria in my stomach that has caused me so many problems is here to stay. It is "antibiotic resistant" and there is nothing more to do than treat the symptoms and watch for signs of active ulcers and/or the bacteria eating a whole in my stomach lining. So, yea, that's fun. I am still out of work and have begun to actively seek employment. As much as we feel it is best for my health to stay home, finances just won't allow it. Steven's switch to day shift has impacted us more than we expected and again we are in the position of real financial struggles. We are doing the best we can and trust that God has a plan; even though it may not be OUR plan. Which is always a hard pill to swallow.

We were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with our families. Having a little one in the family (Hunter) brought back the sweet side of the season we have been missing for years now. We have no plans to bring in the New Year and frankly, we'll be lucky if we manage to stay awake until midnight.

Wishing all of you a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Love to all,
The Freeman Four

Thursday, September 2, 2010

When the Love isn't Returned

I am in one of the worst kind of relationships. One where you love something so much. But it doesn't love you back. In fact, it doesn't just not love you but it hurts you. Yet you can't leave it alone. You keep putting time into the relationship. You change things up hoping it will be the magic bullet that turns it all around. You pray about it. You talk about it. But nothing changes. Eventually you decide to walk away. Decide that you are worth more than what the relationship is giving you. You are tired. You are done. But what do you do when this element of your life is a necessity? Something you literally can't live without?

That is where I am these days. Trying to figure out how to live. See, my problem isn't with a human. It's not a family member, a friend, or anyone else I can whine into submission. It's food. Yes, food hates me. A simple, yet sad, fact that is brought to my attention every single time I test our relationship. I have seen doctor after doctor. I have eliminated most of my favorite foods in the interest of comfort. Yet I am still in a really bad relationship. It's exhausting, really. Emotionally and physically. I am the smallest I've been since before puberty. I am 34 years old. I have a lot of living left to do. So how do I accomplish that when I can't make this relationship work?

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Power of the Google

I apologize for the random pimping of sunscreen on the prior post. It was in my "contract". And Lord knows I have enough issues as it is and really don't need the product review police coming after me.

Now to our regularly scheduled programming:

Arissa has VERY high hopes for her college education/career and upon Googling tuition rates/dorm fees/books/etc. Steven and I strongly encouraged Arissa to work her brain super hard the next 6 years. Or else she will find herself at UT. In the same dorm she was in for cheer camp. College education plus medical school at the University of Miami? Right at half a million bucks. And that is figured at today's rates. OY! She smartly asked if Uncle Sam would pay for college.

Steven and I are trying to do a last minute weekend getaway. And it might as well be the vacation of the century for the time we are having deciding where to go. Which leads me to ask... How did people in the olden days plan vacations? Book hotels? Get ideas where to go? I can't imagine going anywhere without the power of the Google.

In an effort to give me some relief as well as put some badly needed pounds on me (my smallest jeans, size 2, fall off. And my smallest dress, XS, doesn't stay up. Really, please don't tell me about how horrible it must be to have such problems. I am no better off than a 300 pound person in my opinion) my lovely GI has given me a new medicine to try. That isn't FDA approved and I had to have made special at a compounding pharmacy. The point is to speed up my insanely slow gut so that I can eat more. Side effect? Diarrhea. Please Google, explain to me just exactly how that is going to put weight on me?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still Without a Tan

It's not a secret to anyone who knows me even a little bit that I loathe the sun. I love a bright, sunny long as I am seeing it from an air conditioned room. I've had a long time war with Mr. Sunshine for as long as I can remember. Summer memories of my childhood always include a story of a horrible, painful sunburn. As I got older I learned how to stop the was this handy invention called SUNSCREEN.

Being that I am now 34 years old I have had my fair share of sunscreen encounters. I have made it my life long quest to find a brand that not only works well but is easy to apply and doesn't leave me smelling like the beach.

So when I was asked to review the new Neutrogena UltraSheer Liquid Daily Sunblock I readily agreed. As soon as it arrived the first thing I did was smell it. I was thrilled to discover it didn't have a strong sunscreen smell. Really, it has very little smell at all. I put a little on my arm to wear for a while and see if my skin was okay with the formula and to see if the smell changed. No reactions and still no smell! (I've used other brands that smelled good at first then a few hours later it reaked). I decided it was a go for the bigger test.

I applied the Neutrogena UltraSheer Liquid Daily Sunblock before heading out to the pool with my kids. The lotion is very light and spreads very easily. I try to stay in the shade but sometimes shade can't be found and I was worried about getting burned as the sun shined on me. We were out for about 4 hours and I didn't reapply (I should state that I did not swim; just sat in my chair with a book. Had I swam I would have reapplied). We got home and I showered to discover that I didn't get any sun. None. Zero. Still as ghostly white (see that picture? Told you I am pale!)as I was before we went to the pool. Which, to me, is the sole purpose of sunblock.

As a very fair skinned woman who aims to stay away from getting any sun, I was very pleased. I will be using the Neutrogena UltraSheer Liquid Daily Sunblock the next time I head out in the sun.

Would you like to review UltraSheer®, too? Then go to!
Or get $2 off your UltraSheer® purchase at

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the product mentioned above for free for review purposes from Tidal Labs. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Friday, July 9, 2010

Silver Ring Thing

A few months ago Isaiah asked me about a purity ring. I thought it was kind of odd coming from him since he is in no way, shape, form, or fashion interested in girls yet; much less actually touching one. I put it in the back of my head for more thought later.

I thought about it some more and decided that making a commitment like he was wanting to make was one of those decisions best made before the time came.

So as of today, both kids are wearing shiny new silver rings. Isaiah's is a wide band that is etched with the words "TRUE LOVE WAITS" and 1 Timothy 4:12 (Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity). Arissa's is a thinner band etched on the inside with the words "I will wait for" and on the outside of the band etched with the words "my beloved". We had a conversation about how important the decision is to make and to stand by. I stressed that the rings weren't simply something shiny and pretty but an outward reminder of their personal decision and commitment to themselves.

The vision of the Silver Ring Thing is "to create a culture shift in America where abstinence becomes the norm again rather than the exception." (taken from the Silver Ring Thing website; click to access their website). Parents have more influence on their child's sexual decision making than anyone else. I know this is one area of their life I don't want to blow. They only get one shot. When it's gone there is no getting it back. So while they committed to remaining pure until their wedding day, I am committing to NOT be afraid to talk to them openly and honestly. It won't be easy...but nothing worth having ever is.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Guts: Another Chapter in the Epic Story

Why hello there, super medicated Anne. Nice nose decoration you've got there. And that bracelet? Awesome.

So yea, Tuesday was loads of fun. Actually, Tuesday wasn't all that bad. Monday? Monday sucked. Liquid diet plus drinking 2 bottles of Magnesium Citrate equals pure misery. Steven and I wheeled into Parkwest and I got (yet another) hospital bracelet. I love how the Covenant Health System has the admin folks in uniforms that look like hotel employees and they use the vibrating pager system like restaurants to notify you when it's your turn. Like you are supposed to forget why you are there and get all excited about a wonderful meal and a cozy bed. That you're not getting. Not even close.

Anyways, I visited the lab. Then went for an abdominal ultrasound then I was taken back to the GI lab. Where I was greeted with very friendly nurses and my MAIN MAN. The anesthesia man. I was very chatty with him. I wanted to be his friend. It worked. My super friendly nurse was rather confused as to my purpose there and kept trying to get me to consent to an EGD and a PEG tube placement. Hold the drugs, honey. Mama didn't sign up for a feeding tube. So, we got that figured out and I got to the bed and several toasty warm blankets. And waited. And waited. The hallway is a rather boring place. After about 20 minutes it was my turn. Dr. SleepyMan says, "hang on doc. I need more Propofol." I'm all yes, we will wait. As long as we need to wait. (This was right after I charmingly blurt out.."hey now, that killed MJ. Please use with caution."). He comes back. Everyone gathers around me. I turn on my left side. Then my other left side (I was nervous I guess). The nurse puts a bite guard in my mouth. She says have a good nap. Next thing I know, I'm drooling on a pillow and Steven's in the corner playing on his phone. So yea, that was fun.

Doc came in and told us the colon looked just fine. Said the stomach and esophagus were red and inflamed, that he took a lot of biopsies and really didn't think it was h pylori (the bacteria that started all this a year and a half ago). I was given lovely color photos of my insides, a Coke, and we were on our way home.

Friday they called with the biopsy results. No cancer..good. Positive for h pylori...bad. So, here we are, a year and a half later and no better than we were when all this started. Which really hacks me off since Dr. No English INSISTED to me that the last round would take care of it and there was no reason to re scope. Had he re scoped, we would have known it wasn't gone. And maybe the lady wouldn't have been trying to give me a dang feeding tube!

I will say, that as mad and disappointed as I am about this, I do have some relief. Relief that there is a reason why my stomach hurts so much. Why I don't want to eat. Why I feel like crap all the time. I'm not crazy. I'm not making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm not a whiny baby (well, maybe I am. But I have a reason. Sometimes).

Please, sweet baby Jesus, let these (different from twice before) meds work and let's please move on from the epic saga of my GI system.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Freeman Four Update

Let's see here....

School is out. I'm still waiting for final grades but I am assuming no news is good news and therefore, I am now the parent of a 6th grade girl and a high school boy. UGH!

Isaiah is currently at Myrtle Beach for youth camp with church. I hope he remembers to apply his sunscreen. Lots of it. And often.

Arissa is busy with cheer practices and tumbling class. She loves both and while she is sad that her dance career is over, she is still happy with her decision.

Steven is going thru, what I call, a midlife crisis. He whole heartily disagrees (denial is the first stage isn't it?). His old beater car needed to be replaced and he decided to get a type of car he's always wanted. It's a red, 2 door, convertible Toyota Celica GT. It's way cool. And he's happy. So that's all I really care about.

I am having more gut problems and will spend next Tuesday at the hospital having multiple tubes placed in various areas. I will praise the man that invented anesthesia in advance.

We have a new raccoon that really likes Purina Dog Chow and isn't phased by TBone. TBone has ran him up a tree several times and then dances around the tree barking like crazy. We are looking to purchase a firearm for said coon.

And the biggest news of all? ISAIAH IS FINALLY 5 FEET TALL!!! He had to roll into Cliff's last week for a random issue and while we were there I inquired about his (lack of) height. Cliff took him to the measurer thingy and I waited by our room. Mr. Cool 14 year old boy came running down the hall and jumped into my arms (darn near knocking me over. Hello...the kid only weighs about 15 pounds less than me) and joyfully announced the new measurement. We will celebrate when he returns from the beach.

So, that's that. Not much else to say right now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't Blink

I have found myself with varying degrees of tears in my eyes this past week. It really started Sunday. I was soaking in the hot tub before church (part of my mothers day relaxation) all by myself. Just thinking. And a phrase ran through my mind.

Happy Mudders Day wif your flowders.

As I thought back I could so clearly see Isaiah. He was about 3. Big blue eyes, head full of curls. With a handful of weeds he had so carefully picked for me. He was so tender and sweet. And so very proud.

I sat and remembered with big hot tears rolling down my cheeks. Where did the time go?

Today I met Carol to get Hunter for a sleepover. I opened her van door and there sat a boy. Not a baby. In just a few days Hunter grew into a real life boy. I stood and stared. And was speechless. I felt the tears coming. Luckily, Hunter did one of his new tricks for me and instead of crying I laughed. He's not a baby anymore but a very active, often opinionated, gets down and dirty BOY.

Even as I type this hours later, tears are rolling down my cheeks. Where did the time go?

"Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster then you think
So Don't blink"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing Up but Still My Baby

Today my baby turns 14. His eyes are still a remarkable shade of blue. His curls have long since gone away. His freckles have multiplied as the years have passed. But he's still, and always will be, my baby.

Seems that only yesterday I was hugely pregnant, melting in what had to be the hottest May in the history of ever. I remember thinking that this baby has to actually come out of me. And being Sure, I knew how to diaper, feed and burp but what about the important things? Like manners and humility and love? I think back 14 years ago to how naive I was.

I thought having Isaiah simply made me a mother. What I didn't expect was to be turned into a fierce fighter for this little curly headed guy that could only whimper; to go from lamb to lion in the blink of an eye where he was concerned; to fight like hell for what he needed and be damned who got in my way. I never expected that he would become my friend, my buddy, my fashion advisor, my shopping partner. MY Isaiah. My blue eyed Isaiah.

Isaiah made me a Mommy. He made me grow up. In a lot of ways, we grew up together. We've been through so much. He supported me, in his little 3 year old way, when I made the decision to leave his father. He was always anxious to help and eager to please. There were few times that you saw me and didn't see Isaiah. He rarely left my side.

And now? He still supports me. He is the first to offer a cold rag when I have a migraine. He rubs my feet just because I ask him to. He stands in the kitchen and talks to me while I cook supper. He always, every single day, greets me with 'how was your day?' and he cares about the answer. He still stops me in my tracks to ask for a hug. He is sure to give me a hug, kiss, and an "I love you" every night before he goes to bed. He loves to help others. He loves the Lord. He loves children and is so patient with his young cousins. He loves his sister. He loves me. He loves his Daddy.

He makes us laugh. Man, that boy makes us laugh. I have come closer than I care to admit to peeing my pants over something Isaiah has said. While he has a very good relationship with Arissa, there are the occasional spats. But Arissa can't stay mad at him. She's said that he can make her so mad, but she forgets why she was even upset because he'll say/do something and she forgets all about it. He shares triumph with others and is never jealous of others accomplishments. He easily forgives and does not carry a grudge. Sure, he's your typical boy who has to be reminded to pick up his room and take out the trash. Sure, we butt heads over grades. Yes, we have days that we just can't get along. We figure it out and are better for it.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings to him. This past year has been one of remarkable growth (um, spiritually...not physically. We're still waiting on that part of the growing up process). He references the Bible often. He has stepped out of his comfort zone to learn a new skill. He has Bible verses pinned on this bathroom wall and recently went the way Jesus did by not sleeping on a pillow. Even though all his buddies bailed on the challenge, Isaiah followed through. The next year will prove to be probably Isaiah's hardest year yet. In a few short months he will transition into high school...and all that entails. I pray he doesn't allow the demons that are lurking find their way to him. I pray that between what we've done at home and what Jesus has done to his heart, he will be kept safe.

Happy Birthday, Isaiah. (Your welcome I held it together this morning when y'all overslept and I had to take you to school. Consider it the first gift of the day.)

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I am living
My baby you will be

Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 Years Ago on a Sunday

(this was originally posted last year. I thought it merited another appearance. It's a pretty cool story and just goes to show...never say you CAN'T do anything because God will show you different! Enjoy. And Happy 11th Birthday, Arissa. You will forever be my Hootie Bootie)

Anyone who knows my Arissa knows she is a bird of a different feather. She thrives on being different. She is sassy and has a mouth (much like her mothers) that has a mind of it's own. She can be the kindest, sweetest girl one moment and a tornado the next. You never know which Arissa you are going to get.

Arissa roared into this world 11 years ago today with an entrance like no other..........

It was Saturday, April 17th, and Kathy and her kids were over. Kamry toppled over and I thought nothing of bending over and scooping her up. The rest of the day I felt 'off'. I wasn't having contractions or any other signs of labor but I just felt weird. I didn't mention it to anybody because I didn't think it was worth mentioning. I went to sleep that night after watching Saturday Night Live (the episode where Jennifer Love Hewitt was in labor and the cheerleaders were in the labor room. I remember thinking that would be my luck..being in labor and Carol and Kathy making jokes and cheerleading in my room). Four hours later I woke up with an odd pain. Followed by another odd pain. Then another and another. I got up thinking that walking would make it go away. I went to the bathroom. I walked some more. I packed a bag. And cussed. And walked. Called the OB, who told me to get to the hospital. I clearly remember saying that this BETTER be real labor because if this is false labor than God is an evil, evil man. I called my mom (who, for reasons that aren't worth getting into, was my way to the hospital. Where there were medical professionals. And epidurals). We were a solid 30 minutes from each other, even at 4am and she felt the need to shower before coming to get me.

I thought the bathroom held the answers to all of issues so off I went again. Only this time something was certainly not right. Not right AT ALL. Without getting too horribly graphic lets just say that pressure I was trying to relieve was NOT what I thought it was. It was MY CHILDS HEAD. Yes, right there. Cue Anne freaking out. A call was made to 911. Arguments ensued regarding my full denial of what was happening and that there was no way in the world this was happening there because I hadn't had my epidural. Clearly, Arissa didn't get the memo and was coming whether I had been medicated or not. One push...her head. Mom finally gets there, lays upon me in an effort to make it all better, only to be tossed off by my super human strength to show her the baby between my legs. Next contraction, one push and there she was.

5:20 am 4-18-1999 A perfect screaming baby girl. Perfect timing...the fire department showed up and took over. I called my OB back to tell him not to worry about going to the hospital, I had taken care of the delivery already. The ambulance came, loaded us up and off we went to the hospital. I thought that was rather stupid since the hard part was already done but wasn't really in a position to argue. We got a few hours of rest before the revolving door of visitors started.

There wasn't a minute of that Sunday where we didn't have a visitor. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday; maybe it was because of the way she was born...either way it was awesome. We were on the news a few weeks later. Arissa's claim to fame...she will forever be known as 'the bathroom baby'.

One day she'll think the way she was born is as awesome of a story as it is. Right now? She thinks it's horrible. I tell her it could be least I had the sense to get off the toilet and onto the floor! (2010 edit: she has since come to the conclusion that yes, a bathroom floor birth is pretty darn cool).

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hidden Gems

I've been on Facebook for over a year. One day I got a friend request from a classmate who had a name I vaguely remembered. She had gotten married and her maiden name wasn't listed but her first name is rather unusual so I had a hunch who it was. I accepted her request and didn't think much else about it. She commented on a few of my status updates; I did the same on hers. It wasn't long before we were private messaging each other. The more we "talked" the more we realized we shared the same likes and dislikes; troubles and triumphs; convictions and opinions. It was amazing how we had gone to school together for years yet were never friends. I couldn't believe this was the same girl from back then. I finally asked her what her maiden name was. And I was shocked. This wonderfully kind, sweet, hysterically funny woman was the same girl I was terrified of all those years ago. A month or so after our online meeting we met for dinner. And we talked for hours and hours. Like we'd known each other our whole lives. We talked about why we were just now finding each other. And I told her that I was scared of her. Come to find out, she was just as intimidated by me as I was of her.

Today we were able to spend hours together, just being silly girls. We did the mani/pedi thing; walked thru shops; laughed; helped each other pick out what we were looking for; and were just US. I'm certain that to those on the outside looking in, we were two friends who do this all the time and have known each other for years. I love that about our friendship. We live four hours away from each other, but you'd never know it. We talk on the phone often. I know her children, husband, and mother like I know my own...though I've only met the husband for a few minutes. She knows all about my children, my husband, my parents and sisters....though she's never met any of them.

The only thing I'm sad about when it comes to her? (Well, besides the fact that she lives so DARN FAR AWAY)..Is that we let stupid, preconceived notions about each other keep us from finding our friendship all those years ago.

I can count on one hand my true friends. She is one of those shiny, sparkly, spunky gem.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Because She Said She Would

I remember a little 4 year old girl that once told me she was going to cheer for the middle school when she was older. I remember looking at her cheering skills and thinking to myself she had herself quite the pipe dream. Of course, being the supportive parent I am, I never told her my doubts.

But look at these pictures, taken several years ago...I don't even recall how old she was here. Probably 5. You'll see why I had my doubts:

But over the years, she worked her tail off. She cheered every single year. She was blessed with amazing coaches as well as a very supportive family. I can't begin to count the amount of hours spent by her grandparents, aunts, and us (sometimes sweating, sometimes freezing, but always waiting on games running at least an hour behind) at the ball fields watching her cheer her little uncoordinated heart out. She was always proud. She was always confident. She was never aware just how adorably terrible she was. She learned the techniques of her passion. Never giving up.
Thursday was THE DAY. The day that we had been waiting 6 long years for. Middle school cheer leading tryouts. She came out of tryouts feeling great about what she had done. She told me she couldn't have done any better. I assured her that even if she didn't make the squad, it was okay. Because you can't do any better than your best. So we came home to wait the 3 longest hours of our lives before results were posted. She asked us to wait in the van as she nervously went to read the names posted on door. I stood anxiously waiting. And she turned to me. She ran as fast as her feet would take her, yet they never hit the ground. My sweet girl leaped into my arms and sobbed. I put her down. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I did it".
Of course you did, baby. Because you said you would.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just My Thoughts on HCR

Let me just say that I don't know the entire bill. I don't even know half of it. I doubt there are many people that can say they have read the whole entire thing. Or even tried. What I do know? Is that as a woman with a lifelong (and VERY expensive) illness; who has had to stop working because she is too sick; who, even with very very very good insurance, has paid out of pocket at least $13k a year on medical bills; who ultimately had to file bankruptcy because of health related expenses; who has lived in fear for the past 6 years on this policy that they would rescind her coverage; you can't tell me that the current system of health care in America is okay. Or fair. Or humane. You just can't tell me that leaving the poor to die because they can't afford monthly premiums is okay. You can't tell me that having our elderly cut their pills in half or not go to the doctor when needed is okay. And you certainly can't tell me that a parent of a child with cancer has to let them die because their policy reached it's cap and the insurance won't pay to save them is okay.

I am quite certain there are aspects to this bill that I won't like. I'm sure that somewhere down the road it will directly impact my families bottom line in some shape, form, or fashion. But you know what? I don't care. Because at the end of the day, no one deserves to live a substandard life just because of their economic status. NO ONE.

Before there were was the Constitution there was a set of laws. A set of laws that folks seem to have thrown out the window these days (why hello racial slurs and spitting in 2010. Way to go, America!). How about love thy neighbor as thyself? Yup, that means taking care of those who can't take care of themselves. It's really not rocket science. Not even close. And if getting help to 32 million people isn't a good idea then you've got much bigger problems ahead of you than your bottom line.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grow Baby Grow

Today was our bi-annual "stand against the wall and look straight while your mother scientifically scratches a pencil marking on the wall so we can see how tall you are" day. Both kids have grown an inch in 6 months. Arissa is now 4'10-1/2" and Isaiah is now a whopping 4' 11-1/2". Oh yes, boy wonder is a mere half inch away from hitting the big 5 foot mark. We will have to party hard when that day arrives. Lord knows the kid has waited long enough for it.

Now, if I can get him to grow without growing out of all his clothes I'd be really happy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Your Function?

As many of you already know, I lost my job several months ago. My days were suddenly wide open. There were days that I hardly got out of bed and wore the same pajamas for days at a time. And showering and make up? Yea, right. Now, some of those times were during my surgery recovery but sadly, most of them were not. I felt totally lost. What was I supposed to do? Look for job...check. Read.....check. Facebook and Twitter...way check.

Then I reread something I had read before, Proverbs 31:10-31. Now while I'm not darning socks or churning butter, I am striving to be better. A better wife to my put his needs above my own, to stay up late so we can visit when he gets off of work, to prepare dinner earlier so he can have a hot meal before heading out, to pack him a dinner or snack, do as many of the household chores as I can so that he doesn't have to, to take the kids to all of their appointments. See, before I stopped working Steven and I had a very 50/50 responsibility share around here. He never flinched when dinner was cereal; he did just as much (really, probably more) laundry than I; he took kids to dance/church/dentists/orthodontists; he never complained when there was a science experiment growing in the bathrooms and would clean it himself. It wasn't a matter of having a lazy was a matter of both of us working 40+ hour weeks. It worked for us.

But now? I have a strong feeling that he should only have to work and do what he WANTS to do (basketball, gym, golf) and the housework is my job. I cook at least 5 times a week with the only days I don't cook being the days we clean out the leftovers...I don't remember the last time we had out food for dinner. There is typically a freshly baked goodie available to snack on. The laundry is always caught up and the house is clean. The kids have undivided Mommy time to help with homework. We get everything done and still have time for them to drive over me on MarioKart on the Wii. (And no, volunteering at their school is not next on my list. Hanging with a bunch of middle schoolers would not be beneficial to them or myself.)

Just yesterday I received phone calls asking for my help on a platform I am very passionate about. I was able to accept for both dates and was reminded of another one of my purposes here.

So, I guess I've found my function through the dysfunction of losing my job. I will continue to rock this gig as long as it takes to find gainful employment outside of the home. Then it's back to 50/50 on running the house and some cereal for dinner.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Repeating Myself

I am hopeful that the new blog look with inspire me to post more regularly. Now that both my parents are on Facebook, as well as my sisters and the other 3 readers I have here it seems rather pointless to blog. I mean, it's like I'm talking to myself and basically telling everyone what they've already read on FB (pictures included).

So....we'll see what happens with The Pod. Not making any promises, not closing her down either.