Friday, December 28, 2012


Yup.  I'm sick.  It started Wednesday and I managed to keep it at bay for a few days but last night the icks overcame my fight.  I was at the doc at 9am this morning and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and an ear infection.  Won a steroid shot in my butt, oral steroids and antibiotics.  The steroids have already started to help the brick stuck my nose and pounding headache...hoping that the dawn brings a much happier Anne.

I have been really healthy lately.  Like really healthy.  Aside from my migraines and the occasional bulging disk pain in my neck I've been doing great.  When I do get sick, I get this icky feeling in the back of my head.  I'm always afraid this is the beginning of the sick Anne road we traveled for so many years.  I hate missing work.  I hate being in the bed.  I hate everything about being sick.  I thrive on normal.  I require routine to feel grounded.  When I'm sick all of that has to be pushed to the side so I can recover and I absolutely hate it.  I'm not going to wax on about how it could be worse...I know it could.  But, I'm not going to discount how I feel.  Scared is how I feel.  Scared of the road that may lay ahead.  I will pray this is simply a bump in the road and if it isn't?  We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Catch Up Post

The Freeman Four have made it through another year...older, wiser, bigger, taller, but most of all HAPPY!

We've enjoyed a wonderful 2012 and I'll try to summarize the high points....

  • In April Arissa turned 13 and was on the receiving end of the Stratman family tradition and received her birthstone ring.  This ring also doubled as her purity ring.  It was an estate piece that I searched high and low for and was perfect.  She adored it and wore it proudly.
  • About this time, Arissa tried out for the school cheerleading team and once again made the squad.
  • In May Isaiah turned 16!  No, he isn't a driver yet but hopefully that will change.  Steven and I don't think that 16 automatically equals driving and when we feel he is ready for that responsibility he will be driving.
  • School finished up and both kids did well....ish.  Arissa, yes.  Isaiah?  Not so much.  We spent our summer working with a therapist & a psychiatrist and FINALLY got a diagnosis and treatment started for him.  If you know Isaiah at all "ADHD" is probably the last thing you would ever think of to describe him.  Turns out, ADHD isn't just "misbehaving"...with Isaiah it's what we refer to as tics... subtle moves, blinks, taps, rubs....he is almost always in some form of motion.  The tics were of zero concern to us...his inability to complete his school work, him being in tears wanting to make changes but unable to find the will was awful...on all of us.  Not just him.  A little pill once a day changed so much for him.  
  • In June I was in my very first dance recital ever.  When I started taking dance I was adamant I wouldn't be in the recital.  Not *this* Momma.  No way Jose.  Um.  Yeah.  There I was in full on costume and stage makeup dancing in front of half the town.  I had quite the support group there and it was a total BLAST!   I loved it!!
  • The end of June brought our family beach vacation.  This year we went down to Cape Coral and rented a perfect house for the week.  We had plenty of room, our own pool, rarely wore more than swimsuits, had zero schedule...slept late, stayed up late, read magazines and books, swam and swam some more.  It was perfect.  Weather could have been better and we decided we'd rather be closer to the beach but those things were minor.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  As I watched the kids play in the pool I're gonna miss this.  And I know I will.  Our time with our kids is getting shorter and shorter.
  • We weren't back long and it was time to deal with church camp, cheer camp, and get ready for school to start.
  • Not too far into the school year we had a very scary situation with Arissa.  She managed to contract viral encephalitis and waiting on the diagnosis was awful.  She had amnesia (and still can't remember several days and likely never will), had 4 lumbar punctures, CT scan, EEG, tons of blood work and a weekend stay at Children's.  She also lost the ring she got for her birthday.  We were blessed with a) the good news that time and rest would fix her and b) a dear friend of ours worked with the jeweler to find and purchase an almost identical ring for her.  
  • Steven is still at AT&T; I am still at Duncan & Sons'.  I really love my job.  I love the people I work for and with.  They are an awesome family and I'm one of "them"...not just an employee.
  • The first part of December we participated in the Faith Walk: Knoxville Steps Up for HIV.  This was a HUGE deal for me....Isaiah and Arissa were there beside me, all of us in "Team Amazing Love" shirts (the team I formed for my support group), and I had about 15 people there plus lots of out of towners wearing their shirts that day to support me.  I shed more than a few tears.
  • We figured out that gluten isn't my friend....I don't have Celiac but do have a strong gluten intolerance.  The less I eat, the happier my guts.  Most days I do really well and I do allow myself cheat days for special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc).
  • I still deal with the migraines...I suppose I always will.
  • We got the good news from Isaiah's specialist that he doesn't have to return...he is now a mere 1/2 inch shorter than me & is still on track to be 6'.  His bones are still only aged to 14 years but that will catch up over time.
  • Isaiah got 4 wisdom teeth pulled last week and did terrific!  Very little pain, barely any swelling and he's back to normal.
  • Christmas was terrific!  Both kids were spoiled a bit more than normal (more for my benefit than anything), were very surprised and very grateful.  
  • Steven did great for me this year....after several years of no laptop I got a new one!  So...maybe now that I can blog from upstairs I will do better.  
I'm sure I've forgotten plenty but at least it's a start.  Check back never know when I'll be back!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No Mo Metal

I no longer have kids with braces. I now have kids with retainers. Isaiah got his braces off back in August (and because I was a slacker Blogger I didn't post about it) and as of this morning Arissa no longer has hers. I am posting before and after pics of both kids. I have no idea how they will line up with this post since I'm posting from my phone but I'm 100% positive you'll be able to figure out which is which.

Arissa's mouth trauma is far from over though. In a few months she will have her upper and lower gums trimmed, a thick muscle between her front teeth removed and her upper wisdom teeth removed. All at the same time. Please begin prayer vigils mouth hurts just thinking about it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Anyone who works outside of the home (and heck, even in the home....okay..basically MOM's in general) know how hard it is to balance your needs with the family's needs; your wants with the family's wants; the "have to's" and the "need to's"; all while wearing that "I got my shit together" smile and high heels. There are times that you really DO have it all together, then there are times that you don't. And when you don't...boy is it UGLY.

Last week was one of those weeks. I've been pretty quite on all my normal outlets (Facebook, Twitter, even dance class). Tears were choked back more than once. My face in my hands more times than I can count. I got more than one email/text asking if I was mad at various people. Not mad...just drowning in too-many-things-not-enough-time. Add to that my voice of sanity and clarity was out of town. It's just the way life is sometimes. Doesn't make it any less suckier when it happens though. Thankfully, I have a great helpmate in Steven and he helped the best he could...offering love and he always does.

Last week culminated with my on various members of my family last night.

Sometimes a little crazy goes a long way.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Freeman Four Family Workouts

After posting last week that I would be starting back to the gym the next day I realized...crap..the schedule won't allow it tonight. Or this night. Or the next night. Then I was sick. Then I was still sick. So last night, 8pm, I carried my hiney down to the gym and treadmilled. Me and the treadmill for a solid hour. Okay...sortof of solid. That big giant STOP button on the edge kept getting hit. Then Arissa couldn't find the toilets in the locker room so I had to give her a guided tour. Then Isaiah about derailed so I had to stop and laugh at him. Anyways it was 60 actual minutes of walking at a fair pace. Then I did 3 or 4 sets of decline sit ups with the medicine ball. I like those. I get to throw a ball a Steven. And it makes my abs hurt. Hurt (should) equal flat. A girl can dream right?

I have to figure out a better schedule though. It was 10:40 before I got Arissa's hair done. Which is over an hour past her bed time. I'm ready for basketball season to be over. Then I'll have 3 free weekday nights to go to the gym.

I will admit...I felt good afterwards. I just wish the results were instant. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. I suck at patience.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time to Get Back to It

I feel like I never have anything to say so I say nothing at all. Everything "blog worthy" usually makes the Facebook and Twitter rounds so it is old news since my "readers" are so few.

So...I'm going to start writing for ME. I need a journal. I need to have a place to vent, document, whine, cry and rejoice. I've tried a real journal and by day 4 I stop writing and next thing I know it's been 2 weeks then 2 months since I've written. I miss writing. I don't do it well but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it.

I started dance classes back in the fall. I always wanted to do something like that growing up. Our neighbors were always clogging, twirling, flipping, modeling..something. Me? I just watched them from the curb and waited for them to be done so we could play. Then wait for their recital to be done so we could play dress up in the costumes. In my house, we either had the time and no money or money and no time. So...I'm doing at 36 what I wanted to do when I was 6. I am in tap and modern. I am performing in a competition the end of April for modern and am supposed to be in the recital at the end of May for both (I'm still not sure. It depends on how well I feel I know the dances). Tap is HARD YO! Modern has come much easier to me. Both give me 2 hours a week that don't involve Steven or the kids; gives me some exercise; and gives me time with my Sara. WIN/WIN/WIN.

A year ago I was all "I can't eat. I'm so thin/weak/frail" Now I'm all..."Dude! Step away from that cookie! It's going straight to your gut and thighs!" I've never struggled with my weight (well, with being overweight...Lord knows I've struggled with being underweight). I'm not sure if it's age; being healthy instead of sick; or what but something has to give. I weigh more now that I have in probably ever (not counting being pregnant) and I. AM. MISERABLE. I think part of it is winter. I just feel BLAH all the time. So I rejoined the gym and am determined to lose about 15 pounds. But just from my stomach and thighs. Yes, I fully plan on instructing my fat cells where to disperse. I'd rather not lose the butt and boobs I've never had. I still don't eat much but there are some better choices about what I do eat that I can make. And I need exercise. Two hours a week is hardly enough for anyone.

I have to do something. I hate the gym, hate to exercise, but I hate not being happy with myself more.